Join the Audience at a TV Show Taping in the Los Angeles Area


Hollywood is only 40 minutes from Thousand Oaks (depending on traffic). How many of you have been to a TV show taping?  It’s free and can be a lot of fun! Out of town guests? They'll love the experience of sitting in a live audience! Talk shows, game shows, sitcoms, you name it!  Here are some websites to visit to track down free seats in the Los Angeles area, along with currently available shows as of January 2019:

On-Camera Audiences - Currently available shows include American’s Got Talent, Beat Shazam, Celebrity Big Brother, Dr. Phil, Rent Live, The Price is Right and more.

Audiences Unlimited - Currently available shows include Dr. Phil, Just Roll With It, Last Man Standing, The Big Bang Theory, Mom and many others. - Currently available shows include Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, The Odd Couple with Matthew Perry, 2 Broke Girls and more. - The Voice, Talking Dead, The Talk, Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Late Late Show with James Corden, Steve and others.

Or you can go directly to a show's website to request tickets...though usually there is a long wait. Here are a few:

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon:

The Ellen Show:


Note: Each show has different age minimums, locations, timing and rules, so make sure to read the fine print. For example, if you want to be on The Price is Right, you must be 18 years of age or older and arrive 4 hours in advance of the 2 hour taping. That could be a long day!  Wheel of Fortune, filmed at the Sony Studios in Culver City, however, allows audience participants as young as eight.

Throwback to 1987 When May Co., The Broadway and Robinson's Anchored The Oaks Mall


Throwback to 1987 and this Thousand Oaks postcard, when May Co., The Broadway and Robinson's anchored The Oaks mall.

May Co. was founded by David May in 1877. JW Robinson's was founded in 1883 by Joseph Winchester Robinson. May Co. merged with Robinson's in 1993 to form Robinsons-May. In 2005, Robinsons-May was acquired by Federated Department Stores and became Macy's, which still has two anchor stores at The Oaks.

The Broadway was founded in 1896 by Arthur Lettis, Sr. In 1996, 100 years later, The Broadway was acquired by Federated.

The Oaks mall turned 40 in April 2018. Happy birthday! Anchor stores when it opened in 1978 were The Broadway, May Co., J.W. Robinsons and J.C. Penney. Bullocks opened in 1980.

Anchor stores today are Macy's/Women, Macy's/Men's/Home/Children's, J.C. Penney and Nordstrom.

Speaking of malls, HERE'S A COMPILATION of kids' activities at shopping malls throughout Ventura County.

"Newbury Park Rocks" Group Proves to Be Quite Popular on CVG Facebook Page

I didn't think much of it when a Facebook Page called "Newbury Park Rocks" contacted us to share a little about but what they do. 

So what do they do? Well, apparently this is becoming "a thing" throughout the country. The group paints, hides and finds decorative, painted rocks in the Newbury Park area.

Grab a rock and paint something whimsical, funny, inspirational and/or uplifting on it. After it dries, place it somewhere, partially hidden, such that someone will discover and enjoy that rock.

Well that certainly is a fun idea! So I thought, OK, I'll make mention of it on a Monday late morning, on the Conejo Valley Guide Facebook Page and I'm sure a few folks will find it interesting.

Well on one count, I was right. Some folks did indeed find it interesting. But I was wrong on "a few," as over 160 people have clicked the "Like" button and the interest has been very strong. I'm certain other rock hiding groups will pop up throughout Ventura County.

Cute idea!

Live Stream of Anacapa Islands Cove in Channel Islands National Park is the largest live nature cam network on the earth. In partnership with the National Park Service and Ventura County Office of Education, Explore has a local cam in place on Anacapa Island here in Ventura County off the coast of Port Hueneme.

There are several views from this webcam located within the landing cove on the east islet of Anacapa. There is a view north towards the mainland, a view east towards Arch Rock, a view southeast towards the historic Anacapa Island lighthouse, a view east towards a seabird rookery and a view downward towards the landing cove.

Anacapa has the unique distinction as being the only Channel Island that does not have a Spanish-derived name. Anacapa is derived from a Chumash word for "mirage island." The island is composed of narrow islets stretching six miles. 

There are actually eight Channel Islands, five of which are part of Channel Islands National Park. Anacapa is the second smallest of the eight islands at only 1.14 square miles. Santa Barbara is the smallest, at 1.02 square miles.

Visit Anacapa Island through Island Packers.

More on Channel Islands National Park at THIS LINK.

On a clear day you can see Anacapa Island from Newbury Park at the Rancho Potrero Open Space and other locations.

On a clear day you can see Anacapa Island from Newbury Park at the Rancho Potrero Open Space and other locations.

2016 Ends With a Beautiful Double Rainbow in the Conejo Valley and Surrounding Areas

As soon as I stepped outside just after 4pm today, I noticed the sun shining amid the clouds and I uttered out loud, "This is rainbow weather!" 

Sure enough, I was right. We drove a block and noticed the beautiful, massive rainbow in Thousand Oaks, but we missed the double rainbow that wowed local residents after an entire day of cloud cover, cold and rain.

Here are some of my favorites from THIS FACEBOOK POST.

Taken from Newbury Park

Taken from Newbury Park

Ronald Reagan Ate Jelly Beans to Give Up Smoking While Running for Governor in 1966

According to Reagan Library archives, when Ronald Reagan ran for Governor of California in 1966, he began eating jelly beans made by the Oakland based Herman Goelitz Candy Company. Why? To give up pipe smoking. It worked. 

He continued receiving Goelitz Mini Jelly Beans from the company for the duration of his two terms. Then he continued receiving shipments from Goelitz, which in 1976 launched a new brand, Jelly Belly. 

Then in 1981, 3 1/2 tons of red (Very Cherry), white (Coconut) and blue (Blueberry) Jelly Belly jelly beans were shipped to Reagan's Presidential Inauguration ceremony.

And the Jelly Belly jelly bean brigade continued for the duration of Reagan's eight years in office. His favorite Jelly Belly flavor was licorice.

And as many of you know, there's an image of Reagan done completely in Jelly Belly jelly beans at the Reagan Library. It took about 10,000 of them to complete this work of art.

More information at

More on the Reagan Library at THIS LINK.

Jelly Belly is a privately-owned company based in Fairfield, California. Open for tours at

"You can tell a lot about a fella's character by whether he picks out all of one color or just grabs a handful."  - President Reagan (in reference to jelly beans)

"Girl From Conejo Valley" by M. Ward

Matthew Stephen Ward (known as M. Ward) is a singer-songwriter and guitarist from Portland, Oregon. He records "Indie Folk" and blues type music as a solo artist and with other artists. Ward has released a number of albums over the years, including his latest, More Rain, in March 2016.

I came upon M. Ward at random on eBay, of all things, when I noticed someone selling a copy of the single, "Girl From Conejo Valley." After the initial amusement, I listened to the song several times and started really enjoying it. So, but of course we must share this song here on Conejo Valley Guide.

This is a fun, catchy song. I found it a bit bizarre, but entertaining, both the lyrics and the video. What I didn't see in the video is footage of Conejo Valley. While I tried to convince myself that some of the aerial footage could be from the Western Plateau section of the Conejo Open Space, I don't think it is. But do take a look and add a comment as to what you think.

Learn more about M. Ward at