"Girl From Conejo Valley" by M. Ward

Matthew Stephen Ward (known as M. Ward) is a singer-songwriter and guitarist from Portland, Oregon. He records "Indie Folk" and blues type music as a solo artist and with other artists. Ward has released a number of albums over the years, including his latest, More Rain, in March 2016.

I came upon M. Ward at random on eBay, of all things, when I noticed someone selling a copy of the single, "Girl From Conejo Valley." After the initial amusement, I listened to the song several times and started really enjoying it. So, but of course we must share this song here on Conejo Valley Guide.

This is a fun, catchy song. I found it a bit bizarre, but entertaining, both the lyrics and the video. What I didn't see in the video is footage of Conejo Valley. While I tried to convince myself that some of the aerial footage could be from the Western Plateau section of the Conejo Open Space, I don't think it is. But do take a look and add a comment as to what you think.

Learn more about M. Ward at mwardmusic.com.