California Law Has Required Gas Stations to Provide Free Water, Air and Air Pressure Gauge For Customers Since January 2000

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There’s a law that was passed in 1999, that made it a requirement for service stations in California to provide free water, compressed air and an air pressure gauge to customers who purchase fuel.

A service station is defined as an establishment that offers gasoline or other motor vehicle to the public.

I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that I was not aware of this law until just recently, when a few folks shamed me on paying $1.00 to fill the air in my tires. (That said, I was not a paid customer at the time. So technically I was not legally entitled to free compressed air.)

Section 13651 of the California Business and Professions Code further indicates “Every service station in this state shall display, at a conspicuous place on, at, or near the dispensing apparatus, at least one clearly visible sign which shall read as follows: CALIFORNIA LAW REQUIRES THIS STATION TO PROVIDE FREE AIR AND WATER FOR AUTOMOTIVE PURPOSES TO ITS CUSTOMERS WHO PURCHASE MOTOR VEHICLE FUEL. IF YOU HAVE A COMPLAINT NOTIFY THE STATION ATTENDANT AND/OR CALL THIS TOLL-FREE TELEPHONE NUMBER: 1 (800) ___ ____. “

So perhaps this post will save someone from unnecessarily paying 75 cents to $1.50 to fill up their tires.

There is no requirement to provide the air for free to non-paying customers.

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The Mullin Automotive Museum in Oxnard is a Ventura County Crown Jewel


The 46,000 square foot Mullin Automotive Museum in Downtown Oxnard is spectacular!

Open only a few days a month to the general public, this is one museum that is a MUST SEE. The autos, made by Bugatti, Voisin, Delahaye, Delage, Talbot-Labo, Hispano-Suiza, Renault, Peugeot and others, are works of art from the 1930s and 1940s, when autos were more than transportation. In addition to the autos, there are representative furnishings and works of art from the era on display.


Visit and reserve a visit. The photos and video footage below are great but don't come anywhere close to a visit in person!


Citroën Exhibit at Mullin Automotive Museum in Oxnard to Celebrate 100 Years in Operation

The Mullin Automotive Museum will offer a one of a kind retrospective on one of France's greatest automakers featuring work from its beginning to the present day. The exhibit opened to the public on Saturday, March 11th, 2017 and is the largest Citroen exhibit ever held in the U.S.  

"Citroën: The Man, The Marque, The Mystique," features cars from the entire history of the company as well as an in-depth look at Andre Citroën. The exhibit runs through the spring of 2018.

Citroën has built a reputation over the last 98 years as being a company willing to take risks and do things differently. It has managed to continually push the boundaries of technology and styling without losing its unique Gallic charm, something which is so evident in vehicles like the DS and the 2CV. Founded in 1919 by Andre Citroën, the company was responsible for building Europe’s first affordable mass-produced car, the Citroën Type A. The company also popularized the front wheel drive layout in addition to unibody construction and four-wheel independent suspension with its revolutionary Traction Avant executive car.

“Citroën is a marque that has always appealed to me on some level,” said Peter Mullin, founder and CEO of the Mullin Automotive Museum. “The way in which the company set about designing its often odd but always stunning vehicles, packing them with wildly innovative technologies, is fascinating to me. I’m so pleased that we will soon be able to share these incredible vehicles with the public who may not have ever seen them in person and I hope we’re able to create a new legion of Citroën devotees.”

“Citroën: The Man, The Marque, The Mystique” represents the most comprehensive look at the history of the famed French automaker ever attempted in North America and honors one of the world’s greatest and quirkiest manufacturers. The exhibition features 46 of the world’s most historic and unique Citroëns including a number of vehicles bodied by French coachbuilder Chapron, a rare twin-engined 2CV Sahara, a Traction Avant Cabriolet and an iconic HY Van. Visitors can also expect to see modern Citroëns such as the 2007 C6 and the 2009 C3 Pluriel as well as several late production model 2CVs dating from the 1980s and early 1990s, none of which were ever sold in the U.S.

The museum hosts semi-private tours available on Tuesdays and Thursdays and public days on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month. Tickets are encouraged to be purchased in advance through the Museum’s website. For more information, visit or call 805.385.5400.

The Mullin Automotive Museum is located at 1421 Emerson Avenue, Oxnard. The museum is typically open to the public on the second and fourth Saturdays of every month from 10 AM to 3 PM. Tickets must be purchased in advance at

The first Citroën, the Type A, built in 1919.

The first Citroën, the Type A, built in 1919.

Citroën DS

Citroën DS

California's Low Cost Auto Insurance Program Provides Affordable Insurance for Those Eligible

Auto insurance is a requirement if you have a valid driver's license and drive a vehicle in the state of California. The California Low Cost Auto (CLCA) Insurance program is a state-sponsored program that makes auto insurance more affordable to those meeting eligibility requirements.

To qualify, you must 1) have a valid California driver's license; 2) own a vehicle valued at $25,000 or less; 3) meet income eligibility guidelines; and 4) be at least 19 or older.

Maximum income requirements are based on the size of your household. As of 2016, that maximum is $29,700 for a household size of 1, increasing by $10,350 for each additional household member (e.g. household of 4 maximum income is $60,750.

Annual premiums vary by county, ranging from $241 to $556 (as of 2016). If you live in Ventura County, have been licensed continuously for 3 years and are not a male 19-24 years of age, your premium is $253 ($319 if you are a 19-24 year old male).

While the premiums are great, the coverage is very limited. A basic policy includes only up to $10,000 per person and up to $20,000 per accident for bodily injury or death and up to $3,000 for property damage. Comprehensive and collision is not included in these policies (they would have to be purchased separately).

Learn more and sign up at

The Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles is Worth the Drive

The Petersen Automotive Museum originally opened in June 1994 in a former Ohrbach's department store building at Fairfax and Wilshire in Los Angeles.

The museum underwent extensive renovations in 2015 and was re-opened in December 2015 with a uniquely new facade and interior spaces were configured to accommodate 25 changing exhibits in the four floor, 300,000 square foot masterpiece, with over 150 vehicles on view.

We stopped by in June 2016 and enjoyed the greatly varied exhibits, including the stunning Mullin "Rolling Sculpture" exhibit, the "Precious Metal" exhibit of silver cars presented by Rolex, Automobiles in the Movies, Hot Rods and Customs, the interactive Disney/Pixar Cars Mechanical Institute, "Howlin': Select Vehicles from the Nearburg Collection," vintage motorcycles, Forza Motorsport Racing Experience (race car simulator) and much more.

The Cars Mechanical Institute is sure to please the younger crowd.

The Cars Mechanical Institute is sure to please the younger crowd.

The Petersen Automotive Museum is open seven days a week, 10AM to 6PM. Admission is $15 for adults, $12 for seniors/students with ID and $7 for children (free 2 and under). Parking is available for $12 (free for the first 30 minutes). Visit to learn more.

1959 Corvette XP-87 Stingray Racer in Precious Metal exhibit by Rolex

1959 Corvette XP-87 Stingray Racer in Precious Metal exhibit by Rolex

My boys most enjoyed the "Automobiles in the Movies" exhibit and of course the interactive Forza Motorsports Racing Experience, which was a videogame like experience. Younger kids I suspect will enjoy the Discovery Center. I was personally wowed the most by the Precious Metal collection, as well as the Mullin collection (most of which I had previously seen and enjoyed at our local Mullin Automotive Museum in Oxnard). Something we did not take the time to do, that I would recommend you consider, is the "Vault Tour." For an additional $20 take an hour long tour of the unique vehicles currently stored in "the vault" rather than on general display.

The Mullin Collection on display includes the $30-40 million  1936 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic .

The Mullin Collection on display includes the $30-40 million 1936 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic.

The kids were excited to see this  Back to the Future  car at the Petersen,

The kids were excited to see this Back to the Future car at the Petersen,

This Rolls Royce hood ornament caught my attention.

This Rolls Royce hood ornament caught my attention.

A 1903 Thor Camelback motorcycle that is so pristine it looks nothing like 100+ years old!

A 1903 Thor Camelback motorcycle that is so pristine it looks nothing like 100+ years old!

California Department of Motor Vehicles Now Offers 1960s Legacy Plates

image is for illustration only. final design of the plate will differ. (Image courtesy of dmv)

image is for illustration only. final design of the plate will differ. (Image courtesy of dmv)

State legislation introduced the California Legacy License Plate program offering car owners the chance to purchase replicas of California license plates similar to those issued in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. Out of these three decades, only the 1960s plate reached the required 7,500 orders before January 1, 2015. As a result, California drivers can now relive the 1960s with a black and gold replica available for your motor vehicles.

The plates are available  at or by mail or at your local DMV office or auto club.

The plate costs $50 for either a sequential or a personalized plate. Renewal fees are $40.

The plates will not look EXACTLY like plates issued in the 1960s because current law requires plates to be reflectorized, but I don't think most folks will really notice the difference!

California Drivers Are Not Necessarily Required to Have Auto Insurance

Yes, it is true, technically, the law does not state that drivers in California MUST carry auto insurance.

However, California Vehicle Code Section 1656.2 does have certain "compulsory financial responsibility" requirements most easily met by maintaining valid auto liability insurance that covers, at a minimum, $15,000 for injury/death to one person, $30,000 for injury/death to two or more persons and $5,000 for property damage.

Alternatively, the law allows financial responsibility to be met in one of three other ways: a cash deposit of $35,000 with the DMV, a DMV-issued self-insurance certificate or a surety bond for $35,000.

Now, if someone can actually afford to leave a $35,000 deposit with the DMV, they probably have a lot more assets that could be put at risk without adequate insurance in place. Probably not a good idea. I called the DMV Financial Responsibility Unit. Apparently some people leave the cash deposit who feel they spend too much on premiums over the years. Or perhaps if they import a car that is difficult to insure.

I also asked about the "self insurance" option and laughed when I heard you need a net worth of at least $2.2 million and a fleet of 25 or more cars. Not really geared toward most individuals.

Posting a surety bond for $35,000 is an alternative to insurance but the cost can be significant, generally ranging from 1 to 5% of the value of the bond.

A Low Cost Auto Insurance Alternative

As we know, auto insurance can be expensive. The California Low Cost Automobile (CLCA) Insurance Program was established in 1999 to help income-eligible drivers with good driving records purchase liability insurance that meets State requirements.

To qualify for a CLCA insurance policy, you must

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