California's Low Cost Auto Insurance Program Provides Affordable Insurance for Those Eligible

Auto insurance is a requirement if you have a valid driver's license and drive a vehicle in the state of California. The California Low Cost Auto (CLCA) Insurance program is a state-sponsored program that makes auto insurance more affordable to those meeting eligibility requirements.

To qualify, you must 1) have a valid California driver's license; 2) own a vehicle valued at $25,000 or less; 3) meet income eligibility guidelines; and 4) be at least 19 or older.

Maximum income requirements are based on the size of your household. As of 2016, that maximum is $29,700 for a household size of 1, increasing by $10,350 for each additional household member (e.g. household of 4 maximum income is $60,750.

Annual premiums vary by county, ranging from $241 to $556 (as of 2016). If you live in Ventura County, have been licensed continuously for 3 years and are not a male 19-24 years of age, your premium is $253 ($319 if you are a 19-24 year old male).

While the premiums are great, the coverage is very limited. A basic policy includes only up to $10,000 per person and up to $20,000 per accident for bodily injury or death and up to $3,000 for property damage. Comprehensive and collision is not included in these policies (they would have to be purchased separately).

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