Beaches Spanning From Carpinteria Through Ventura County to Malibu

My kids and I love going to the beach but for many years we seemed to go to the same ones all the time. So I stopped by the Automobile Club and asked them if they had a brochure on all the local area beaches open to the public. They shrugged their shoulders and said no such guidebook existed. They handed me a fold out map, which was of no use to me as I wanted to know exactly how to get to these beaches, if they have restrooms, parking, etc.


Then I started searching around for information and found bits and pieces in various locations that were marginally useful. So I decided to consolidate this information into one place where I could find out about where to go to the beach around Ventura County on up the coast to Carpinteria and Santa Barbara and down to Malibu. So I hope you find the following links helpful in finding local area beaches in Ventura County and surrounding areas!

Carpinteria to Ventura

Oxnard to Malibu

Santa Barbara Area Beaches

This took a lot of time to compile over 60 local area beach areas, so I truly hope you benefit from these lists! So enjoy and provide feedback if you have comments and/or additional information.

At Leo Carrillo State Beach in Malibu.

At Leo Carrillo State Beach in Malibu.

Windsurfers at Surfers' Point in Ventura.

Windsurfers at Surfers' Point in Ventura.

U.S. Navy Seabee Museum - NBVC Port Hueneme

U.S. Navy Seabee Museum - NBVC Port Hueneme

The U.S. Navy Seabee Museum is one of the Navy's eleven official museums. Its mission is to select, collect, preserve, and display historical material relating to the history of the Naval Construction Force, better known as the Seabees, and the U.S. Navy Civil Engineer Corps.

The second oldest of the official Navy museums, the Seabee Museum was established in 1947 in Port Hueneme, which today is part of Naval Base Ventura County.

The Seabee Museum was recently renovated and is quite a beautiful, state-of-art facility. The 38,000 square foot museum features modern exhibit spaces, memorial garden, theater, education room

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Alaska Airlines Flight 261 Sundial Memorial at Hueneme Beach

The Alaska Airlines Flight 261 Sundial Memorial commemorates the 88 passengers and crew who lost their lives aboard Alaska Airlines Flight 261 near Anacapa Island on January 31, 2000. The flight was en route from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to San Francisco and Seattle.


The Memorial features a 36-foot diameter concrete plaza with a curving sand wall and seating area and a raised sundial in the center. The monument was designed by by well known Santa Barbara sculptor James “Bud” Bottoms. The sundial’s bronze dolphins and triangular blade (gnomon) cast a shadow on the 20-foot diameter dial face oriented to Pacific Standard Time. Names of each of the victims are inscribed on individual bronze plates mounted on the perimeter of the dial.


The crash site is located between the mainland at Port Hueneme and Anacapa Island, one of the smallest islands in the Channel Islands chain, 14 miles offshore. Families of the lost passengers and crew dedicated the sundial as both a memorial to their loved ones and a work of public art in gratitude to the residents of Port Hueneme for their compassion and tireless assistance in the recovery effort. This is a touching and lasting tribute to those who lost their lives on this flight.

Access the Sundial Memorial from Hueneme Beach parking lot B off Surfside Drive near the gazebo.


Port Hueneme Historical Museum

The Port Hueneme Historical Museum is located at 220 Market Street in Port Hueneme.  Built in 1925, the Museum houses historical artifacts, photographs, and information on the history of the Hueneme area.  Architect Myron Hunt designed the building, and he was also responsible for designing the Bard Mansion, Huntington Library, and the Ambassador Hotel.

The Museum is open from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Monday - Friday (corresponding to the office hours of the Chamber of Commerce).  Displays are maintained by the Department of Recreation and Community Services and the Historical Commission.  Tours are by appointment only.  Call (805) 488-2023 or visit

Oceanview Pavilion - Performing Arts Theater in Pt. Hueneme

Theater by the Beach at Oceanview Pavilion

The Oceanview Pavilion located at 575 E. Surfside Drive in Port Hueneme (directly across from the beach) offers concerts, theater, fairs, shows and a variety of other events for all ages.  The venue has a capacity for up to 1400 people and can be rented out for special events. Banquet hall can accomodate 450 guests. A full bar is available.  For more info visit or call the box office at 805.986.4818.