Point Mugu Missile Park in Port Hueneme

Naval Base Ventura County hosts "Missile Park" at the juncture of Wood Road and Naval Air Road in Port Hueneme. It is roughly 20 miles from central Thousand Oaks. Take the 101 west to Lewis Road south, then left on Wood Road until it ends at Missile Park. You can't miss it!

While it is called a park, Missile Park is primarily an interesting display of various aircraft and missiles that have been tested at the Naval Base since World War II.

Aircraft on display include an F-14 Tomcat and an F-4 Phantom II. The Phantom II was a two seat, tandem, twin-engine, all weather, long range supersonic jet interceptor fighter that was in service from 1960 to 1996. The Tomcat is a supersonic, two seat, twin-engine fighter craft. The F-14A on display was the 24th F-14 Tomcat manufactured by Grumman Aerospace Corporation and was last flown in January 1993. It belongs to the National Museum of Naval Aviation on permanent display at Missile Park.

There is quite a wide array missiles on display at the park, including an AMRAAM missile, Regulus submarine-launched missile, Sidewinder missile, the Loon missile (an American copy of the German V-1), the BQM-34S "Firebee" Aerial Target, the Polaris ballistic missile, Petrel torpedo, Harpoon missile, Phoenix air-to-air missile, Bullpup air-to-surface missile and others.

There is a small parking area at Missile Park, a picnic bench, trash receptacles, but nothing else, other than the displays. No restrooms. Open daily from sunrise to sunset.