'Twas the Night Before Christmas in Conejo Valley - An Ode to 2011

"A Visit From St. Nicholas," more popularly known as "'Twas the Night Before Christmas," was first published in 1823. This poem was used as a basis to remind us of many of changes we have seen here in the Conejo Valley and other parts of Ventura County in 2011.

‘Twas the night before Christmas, in Conejo Valley

Not a person was stirring, not one Hooters rally;

Roxy’s and Jack’s Delis closed down this past year,

Yet new restaurants have been quick to appear.

In August Red Robin came to The Oaks Mall,

Two weeks ago Red Lobster opened for all;

Buddha’s Belly Asian food in October,

And Olive Garden next month. Let’s stay sober!


But wait, not so fast, have a beer, hold your knees,

There’s Tipsy Goat, Ladyface Ale and Cronies;

The Lab Brewing Company Agoura Hills,

Soon Mermaid Tavern, and Brendan’s serves them chilled.


Cold beers wash down burritos well as we know,

Freebirds, Qdoba weren’t here a year ago.

Do not forget Karma Indian Cuisine,

Or Mandarin Bistro (Pick Up Stix last seen).


Health food at The Promenade Westlake Freshii,

Dos Vientos La Cucina di Venti,

New TOI Tapas Bar at the Thousand Oaks Inn,

Hugo’s Whizin’s Center - pasta’s for din din.


Rest in peace Lamppost Pizza Newbury Park,

There’s another one of them up in Oak Park.

RollerDome’s doors shut over a year ago,

My Party Playhouse opened, you’re in the know.


Though Jungleland announced it would be no more,

Soon CA Kiddo Club took over the floor.

Many were bummed that Jolly Jumps Party Place,

In Camarillo ended its run with grace.


One week ago Tommy’s Original brought,

Chili burgers to Ventura. Food for thought?

Applebees returned back to Camarillo,

Near Lure Fish House - great fish, my opinion, yo.


Back to Conejo, Billy D’z BBQ,

Tri tip so tender barely a need to chew.

Ranch Hand BBQ is also a favorite

Of Newbury Park eaters who savor it.


Howie's Grill and Sliders opened in Simi

Valley Town Center, their food is just dreamy!

And in May Market Broiler brought us more fish

For Simi Valley diners craving that dish.


We hope that this information is useful,

To Conejo Valleyians, life is not dull!

Best holiday greetings, we wish you delight,

All in Conejo Valley, have fun! Good night!