Hugo's Restaurant to Open at Whizin's Center in Agoura Hills this August

Originally posted 6/8/11: Hugo’s, the popular family restaurant with the highly eclectic menu, will open its third full-service location in Agoura Hills on SEPTEMBER 26th!

The new Hugo’s will be located in the revitalized Whizin’s Center just off the 101 Freeway.  It will be 4200 square feet with 120 seats.

The opening marks a return of sorts for co-owner Tom Kaplan, who attended high school in Agoura before its growth into a sizable Los Angeles exoburb.

Tom’s father, Terry, opened the first Hugo’s in West Hollywood 30 years ago, turning his prime butcher shop into a breakfast spot for the local residents, many of whom were Hollywood big shots who would have their morning “Power Breakfasts” there.  It was not uncommon to see the likes of George Lucas and Stephen Spielberg hanging out over a cup of coffee and strategizing their next big movie.

Hugo’s has evolved from veal to vegan and now sports a menu that includes not only one of the best Burgers in town, but a vast array of vegan and vegetarian options and a commitment to what Tom calls, “our Stealthy Healthy menu.” Mustard and ketchup are gluten-free as is most of the menu and special attention is paid to food allergies and to creating delicious vegan alternatives to traditional fare.

Hugo’s Pasta Mama, originally designed as a breakfast item featuring pasta, eggs and Italian seasonings, is so popular it has been featured “The Best Thing I Ever Ate,” and Hugo’s is at the top of many Best Breakfast lists.

“The idea behind Hugo’s,” says Tom, who lives on the street behind the Studio City restaurant, “is to introduce a lot more people to health food without them even knowing or thinking about it.”

Hugo’s Restaurants has locations in West Hollywood and Studio City and operates Hugo’s Tacos in Atwater Village and Studio City.  The company is owned and operated by Tom and Emily Kaplan, Richard and Leslie Brenner and Bill Kohne.

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