Mermaid Tavern is Coming to the Old Roxy's Deli Location in Thousand Oaks

The Mermaid Tavern opened on Saturday, February 4th!

The Mermaid Tavern's website is

Mermaid Tavern (Previously Roxy's Deli), 1345 E Thousand Oaks Blvd., Thousand Oaks


Update 10/20/11: A "sign" of things to come. I see a mermaid.

Originally posted 8/2/11: Thanks to an observant CVG Facebook page follower and dart thrower extraordinaire (and by the way, check out the Ventura County Dart Association if you're so inclined), I've learned the name of what will soon occupy the vacated Roxy's Deli space: Mermaid Tavern

Beer is definitely recession-proof it seems, with numerous breweries popping up all over town, including Ladyface Alehouse in Agoura, The Tipsy Goat in Thousand Oaks, Brendan's Pub in Camarillo and soon The Lab Brewing Company in Agoura, possibly a Hooters in Thousand Oaks and now, Mermaid Tavern.

I've confirmed that Mermaid Tavern is shown on the CB Richard Ellis brochure for the Northstar Plaza, where subject tavern shall be located.

Stay tuned. Two Beers or Not Two Beers? That is the Question! The address of the soon-to-be Mermaid Cafe is 1345 E. Thousand Oaks Boulevard, Thousand Oaks.