Brendan's Irish Pub and Restaurant in Camarillo Will Be Opening January 28th (Now 15th)


January 14th update: They changed it up on us and annonced a "soft opening" 5pm Saturday night, January 15th! Brendan's is officially open.

January 11th update: Brendan's set to open on Friday, January 28th!

See their video at

I had the good fortune today of stopping by the nearly completed Brendan's Pub and Restaurant in Camarillo today (1755 E. Daily Drive) and was treated to a spectacular assortment of Irish paraphernalia shipped directly from Ireland. The owners (including Brendan himself) are sparing no expense in ensuring this pub is completely authentic, including the bartender (who today was helping put finishing touches in the restaurant section of the pub.

Curtis the general manager could not give us a specific date but they will be opening their doors within the next week or two. They will be serving Guinness beer by the pint, with the foam hanging over the rim of the glass. (I may have to start acquiring a taste for Guinness so as not to embarrass myself here.) Among other things, Curtis mentioned that the corned beef and cabbage here is the best he's EVER tasted! Other things we noticed were two professional grade dartboards and an entire dart area, a beautiful bar, cool booths in the restaurant area and a fireplace.

Visit or their Facebook page to learn more (and while you're in Facebook, you gotta check out!