Peking Inn Restaurant in Camarillo

Years ago one of my most favorite Chinese restaurants in the area was Chen's Szechwan in Thousand Oaks, but they closed many years ago. Replacing Chen's as one of my personal favorites is Peking Inn in Camarillo at 330 N. Lantana Street at the corner of Lantana and Daily. Their phone is 805.987.8188. No website to my knowledge.

I've been eating at Peking Inn for many years now and continue to enjoy it, as do my fellow lunch buddies. Some of our favorites are the Kung Pao Chicken, Mandarin Beef, Lemon Chicken, Beef Szechwan Style, and Sweet and Sour Shrimp. They also serve a nice Ginger Fish dish that I enjoyed so much, so often, that I finally burned out on it.

For non-meat eaters, they make some really tasty bean curd dishes. I order one dish that I don't believe is on the menu...bean curd (cubed) that is NOT fried, with vegetables in brown sauce. One gal that I know ordered the Vegetarian Kung Pao Chicken and while it didn't look too appetizing to me, she seemed to enjoy it.

Meals come with fried wonton chips, hot tea, soup (Hot & Sour or Egg Flower Soup...most people I know get the Hot & Sour), rice and fortune cookies. They keep you busy eating the whole time you're there!

Peking Inn also serves up dim sum on weekends and...shame on me...I've still not tried it. I'll have to make plans to try it out with my family.

Service is generally really responsive. From time to time if they get really busy there are slight delays, but what I like is that I can get in and out easily. Pricing is quite reasonable. You'll leave quite satisfied for $9 or $10 at lunch. The decor is a bit dated but I guess if you've ever been to Beijing it would fit in. They could spruce it up quite a bit but I'd prefer they just leave it be and continue satisfying my Chinese food appetite at reasonable prices.