Restaurants New and Restaurants Adieu in Ventura County January to Mid-July 2014


New restaurants that have opened or are planning to open in and around the Conejo Valley and Greater Ventura County during the first half of 2014 continues. The Local Buzz section of CVG highlights new eateries along with restaurants that close their doors.

Here's a summary of this activity from January through mid-July 2014.  (Click here for previous 2013 activity.) The list is fairly comprehensive but we know it's not 100% complete, so let us know of any we missed!

Consistent with previous reports, the number of new eateries in the area continues to outnumber closed eateries by a large margin.

Restaurants* That Have Opened Since January 2014

* OK maybe not just restaurants...places that offer up edible items of any type e.g. sweets

Restaurants That Announced They Are Opening Soon