Camboni Italian Restaurant & Bar Coming Soon to the Thousand Oaks Inn and Hotel

Update: Camboni Italian Restaurant opened on May 20th. Visit their Facebook page at They indicate breakfast hours 7-10am, lunch hours 11am to 2pm and dinner hours 5-10pm.

According to the Thousand Oaks Inn & Hotel on its Facebook page last month and confirmed with a phone call, Camboni Italian Restaurant is coming soon at this highly visible location from the 101 freeway at 75 W. Thousand Oaks Boulevard. This was previously the home of TOI Tapas Bar, and before that was home to Du-Par's Restaurant for nearly 50 years until it closed July 31, 2009.

According to the Thousand Oaks Inn: "Camboni Italian Restaurant will use only naturally leavened breads, using naturally occuring microflora, which consumes little energy and multiplies quite slowly. Its growth duplicates the cycle of human breathing and that of wheat embryo germination, plus it naturally enriches the bread, due to an additional development of nutrients by the beneficial enzymes and ferments."

Visit the Thousand Oaks Inn Facebook page at for updates.