A New Häagen-Dazs® Scoop Shop Appears to Be Opening Soon in Thousand Oaks

Update 11/20/15: Well Betsy M filled us in that the Haagen-Dazs Westlake Village is now closed. That didn't last long! This was confirmed by the fact that this location has vaporized from the Haagen-Dazs website at www.haagendazs.us and the phone is no longer in service. 

Update 6/9/14: The new Haagen-Dazs at North Ranch Plaza, 3825 E. Thousand Oaks Boulevard, Westlake Village opened its doors about nine days ago. They are open 10am to 10pm. Call 805.379.9840 for more information.


Originally posted 3/2/14:

What is that sign in the window of the vacant suite next to Jersey Mike's Subs in the North Ranch Plaza, 3825 E. Thousand Oaks Boulevard, Thousand Oaks?


Let's take a closer look at that sign in the window.


I'm going out on a limb here, but it would appear that a Häagen-Dazs® shop will be opening here in Spring 2014. Assuming these signs are not a cruel prank, this will be the 2nd Häagen-Dazs® shop in the Conejo Valley, joining the Häagen-Dazs® Scoop Shop at The Oaks Mall. Visit www.haagendazs.com for more information.

As we are big fans of frozen treats here at CVG, we do our best to keep track of frozen yogurt, gelato, ice cream and other frozen treats in and around Ventura County.

The Häagen-Dazs® brand was originated by Reuben Mattus in New York in the early 1920s, starting out with only three flavors: vanilla, chocolate, and coffee. By 1973, Häagen-Dazs® was available throughout the U.S. and the first "Scoop Shop" opened in 1976. In 1983 the brand was sold to The Pillsbury Company. General Mills bought Pillsbury in 2001. But in the U.S. and Canada, the Häagen-Dazs® brand is licensed to Nestlé and its products are produced by Nestle subsidiary Dreyer's. Too much information? OK, I'll stop there :)