Pursuing Your Passion: The Artwork of Chuck Trunks

Chuck Trunks Touching up Just PeachyWhat is the typical career progression of someone with a bachelor's degree in biochemistry, who does graduate work in molecular biology and spends the next 18 years working at the world's largest biotech company?

My good friend Chuck Trunks had a passion for art going back to his childhood in Philadelphia.  It was probably 10 years ago that I first saw some of his "precision abstract" artwork at his home in Camarillo.  I knew that eventually the rest of the world would join me.

Boy was I right.  Chuck left Amgen last fall to pursue the goal of working on his art full time and sharing it with the world.  This is a challenge to say the least as he gave up a steady salary and great benefits for the uncertain world of art.  But the world is already getting to know Chuck.

Chuck has completed nearly 30 works of art in four collections that share some of his thoughts about the world.  His "USA" and "True Love" collections deal with societal and relationship issues, respectively.  His "Interference" collection covers technology.  The collection he currently works on is called "Hopes and Dreams."  Each collection can take up to a year to complete.

As Chuck's friend I am well aware of his keen eye for detail.  Chuck is the guy you want to travel with because he'll have everything nailed down so you can just relax and have fun.  He'll also quickly notice if a kernel of corn is lodged in your teeth or there's a smudge on your mirror.  This knack for detail is well apparent in his meticulous work.


To learn more about Chuck and his work, check out his aptly titled website, www.ChuckTrunks.com (update: website currently

Chuck's latest work, "Pop Star" (Summer 2008):