June Gloom, June Heat, June Cold, Back to June Gloom in the Conejo Valley

Weather patterns here in the Conejo Valley and Greater Ventura County are consistently inconsistent in recent memory. Hot summer, cool summers and daily/weekly changes from hot to cold and sunny to overcast. Personally I prefer the cold to the heat because I enjoy local running when it is cool outside. This morning was perfect running weather...cool and overcast.

Overcast skies make it optimal to run up Boney Mountain. Whether you make it all the way up or not, you're bound to reach a point where you can look down at the cloud cover below towards Rancho Sierra Vista/Satwiwa.

On the way up Boney (no I didn't run to the very top this morning), I passed the Danielson Monument, dedicated to the man who donated much of his land to the National Park Service for all of us to enjoy.

And while dodging numerous massive spider webs on the trails going up the hill (I'm still imagining spiders crawling on me), I came upon this deer on the trail. Bambi? His body action told me he was a bit unnerved about my running toward him (or her).

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