Help Track Recovery From Springs Fire in Point Mugu State Park and Rancho Sierra Vista with Your Cameras

If you're out and about in Rancho Sierra Vista/Satwiwa and Point Mugu State Park, you may come across one of these photo stands on the trails.

The sign, sponsored by the National Park Service and California State Parks, says the following:

Much of Point Mugu State Park and Rancho Sierra Vista burned in the May 2013 Springs Fire. We are monitoring how the ecosystem responds. YOU CAN HELP!

Place your camera or camera phone on the L-shaped bracket and take a photo of the view (no zoom or filters).

Post your photos using hashtag #springsfire__ to Twitter and flickr.

Photos will be used to create a time-lapse of the recovery. See your photos come to life on our Springs Fire Recovery Map!

While I don't know exactly how many of these photo brackets are out there, I've come across three of them on the Hidden Valley Overlook trail in Rancho Sierra Vista/Satwiwa.

View from SpringsFire03View from SpringsFire04

I'm not the only one that noticed these contraptions. Some folks have posted photos to Twitter already. Like these #SpringsFire04 photos.