Curious Five Year Old Asks Serious Questions About Santa Claus

Originally published in December 2010


We've seen Santa in six different locations so far this holiday season and will probably see him another six times before we approach 2011. Here is a conversation I had about Santa with my five year old tonight.

My 5 year old: How come there are so many Santa Clauses?

Me: He drives all over town to meet all the kids before Xmas.

Him: Does Santa Claus have a lot of brothers?

Me: I don't think so. He has a lot of elf helpers though at the North Pole.

Him: I think Santa has brothers that help him. (pause) How does he get to everyone's house in the whole wide world?

Me: His reindeer are really, really fast.

Him: How come we can't seem him?

Me: Because they are REALLY fast and you are asleep when he comes.

Him: How many Santa Clauses are there?

Me: Oh, just one. He is REALLY busy this time of year.

Him: How come he sometimes looks different?

Me: Sometimes he gets tired and looks older but after a nice, long sleep he looks younger.

Him: Does Santa eat a lot of cookies?

Me: Only when he gets really hungry. Usually the night before Christmas.

Him: Are you sure Santa Claus doesn't have brothers?

Me: I'm pretty sure he doesn't.

Him: ( deep thought)

Me: I love you. Good night...(sigh of relief)

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Update 2011: Kid is now 6 years old.

Me: Have you seen Santa Claus with mommy yet?

Him: Yes. A lot of times.

Me: How does he get around all over the place before Christmas?

Him: There's a lot of Santa Clauses!

Me: Really? I thought there was just one!

Him: There's a lot of Santa Clauses here but the REAL one is at the North Pole.

Me: Ah ha! Are you sure about that!? How do you know?

Him: They look a lot different. But the REAL one is at the North Pole.

Me: Wow, you are definitely smart! Thank you for letting me know that!

Him: You're welcome.

Me: Good night. I love you.