Check Out Tarantula Hill Trail in Thousand Oaks for Views of the Conejo Valley

Tarantula Hill is located off of West Gainsborough Road in Thousand Oaks, between Grand Oak Lane and Camino Manzanas. Over the years we've visited this conspicuous 1,057 foot tall hill dozens of times. A bit of a steep climb up the paved road (not really a trail) to the top, where you'll find a bench facing towards the west and panoramic views of the entire Conejo Valley and beyond.


In the summer 2014 time frame, we noticed a new sign at the bottom of the hill, plus something fun on the sign. I don't know if this tarantula is a permanent addition to the sign, but it was amusing.


It takes anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes to walk up the paved hill to the top. If you're looking for some exercise but are lacking time, Tarantula Hill is a nice alternative to a stair stepper machine!

View facing east with gainsborough Road in the foreground

View facing east with gainsborough Road in the foreground