2019 Tower 2 Tower Stair Climb Fundraiser in Oxnard on Saturday, June 1st


The Tower 2 Tower Stair Climb Hosted By Oxnard Fire Explorer Post 9244 is planned for Saturday, June 1, 2019 at Topa Financial Plaza Towers, 300 East Esplanade Drive, Oxnard. Check in starts at 9 am. Start by running up then back down the stairs in the 14-story City National Bank tower. Head out and cross the parking lot through a series of obstacles (obstacles are optional). This course will lead you to the larger Morgan Stanley tower. Enter the north stairs then race up 22 flights. Water will be available every seven floors and on the rooftop. Exit to the roof, cross the finish line, then take a moment to enjoy the spectacular view and to revel in your run.

50 floors, 1,089 stairs, 500 feet!

Post race, join your family and friends at Public Safety Day. Demos will be ongoing from Fire and Police Departments, K9s and other public safety teams from the county.  Enjoy music and food with the entire family. Food trucks on hand until 3pm.

Register at www.active.com/oxnard-ca/climbing/tower-2-tower-stair-climb-2019.