Thousand Oaks Police Department Has Launched Scam Hotline for Local Residents

The Thousand Oaks Police Department has launched a scam hotline for its citizens. The hotline telephone number (805) 371-8327 provides information on various current types of scams (telephone, mail, email, text message, etc.) and gives callers the opportunity to leave information on scams they may have been exposed to. The phone line is a recorded informational message available 24 hours a day.

Scams are climbing at an alarming rate, not only in our community, but communities nationwide. The Thousand Oaks Police Department is dedicated to educating the community on current scams and ways to avoid falling victim to them. We have found by educating the community and providing essential information about current scams, the monetary loss from
victims of scams is avoided.

The scam hotline is not for reporting crimes. If you are a victim of a scam that has resulted in a financial loss, please call Ventura County Sheriff’s Office dispatch at (805) 654-9511 to have an officer take a report.

Every year, thousands of people lose money to scams from a few hundred dollars to their whole life savings. In 2016, the Better Business Bureau reported that approximately 40,000 scams were reported, this does not account for the numerous scams not being reported or the monetary losses, which are in the billions of dollars.

For additional information on current scams contact the Federal Trade Commission at or the Better Business Bureau at To file an internet crime complaint with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) at

City of Thousand Oaks Adopts Drought Action Plan to Conserve Water


Per the State of California issued mandates, Thousand Oaks must reduce water consumption citywide by an average of 32%. In response, the Thousand Oaks City Council has adopted a comprehensive Drought Action Plan and declared a Level 2 Water Supply Shortage with a series of water conservation measures which impact residents, businesses, City operations and other local agencies.

Community Measures:

  • Outside irrigation is now limited to 2 days a week for no more than 15 minutes per station per day
  • Outdoor irrigation prohibited between 9 AM - 5 PM
  • Watering is prohibited during or 48 hours after rainfall

City Measures:

  • Removal of over 916,000 square feet of turf in street medians
  • Removal of non-essential turf at all City facilities
  • Establishment of new watering systems to provide water to trees in the medians
  • Emptying of The Civic Arts Plaza fountain 

Enforcement of the new requirements will be focused on voluntary compliance through education, but fines of up to $500 per occurrence are possible for repeat offenders. A host of water conservation information, rebates and resources can be found at A water hotline is available to report water waste and to request a free in-home water conservation consultation at (805) 375-5747.

City of Thousand Oaks Special Election on June 2nd to Fill City Council Vacancy

Former City of Thousand Oaks City Councilmember Jacqui Irwin resigned from City Council on November 25, 2014 to assume her newly elected role as California District 44 Assemblymember.

As a result, the City of Thousand Oaks is holding a Special Municipal Vacancy Election on Tuesday, June 2nd to fill her term that expires in November 2016.

The estimated cost of the election to be incurred by the Ventura County Clerk's Office is $200,000 and will be reimbursed by the City of Thousand Oaks.

The City Clerk's office started accepting nomination papers for the special election on February 9th and will continue accepting them until 5 p.m. on Friday, March 6th.

To run for office, you must be a registered voter in the City at the time of nomination, must be a City resident and at least age 18. You must also obtain a minimum of 20 valid signatures of other City of Thousand Oaks registered voters to run.

The newly elected councilmember will start his/her new role in the June/July timeframe, after election results are certified.

Contact the Thousand Oaks City Clerk at 805.449.2151 or visit with questions.

So when will start seeing political signs around town? Signs may be posted starting 45 days prior to the election, which will be April 18th.

The last day to register to vote in this election is May 18th.

More on the City Council:

The City Council has five elected members that serve four year staggered terms. Elections are normally held in November of even-numbered years. The Council's meets at least two Tuesday night each month, except for August and its duties include appointing a City Manager, City Attorney and members of City Boards and Commissions, adopting a two year budget, enacting legislaton and establishing City policy. The Council also appoints one of its members as Mayor each year to preside over its meetings.

Councilmember compensation is currently $1,750 per month. Benefits include health insurance, vision and dental insurance, 7% retirement plan contribution and other benefits highlighted in City Council Resolution 2011-070.

The winner of this Special Election will be joining councilmembers Al Adam (Mayor), Joel Price (Mayor Pro Tem), Andy Fox and Claudia Bill-de la Pena.

Malibu Canyon Road Nighttime Closures Begin in January 2015

Starting January 2nd and lasting approximately 8 months, the Malibu Canyon Road tunnel will be closed for construction from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. 5 nights a week, Sunday nights to Thursday nights (until 5 a.m. on Friday mornings). The tunnel will remain open weekdays between 5 a.m. and 9 p.m as well as all day on weekends (until 9 p.m. Sunday night).

During these closures, Malibu Canyon Road traffic will be detoured onto Kanan Dume Road and Topanga Canyon Boulevard.

Los Angeles County Public Works is undertaking this massive 7 month project in order to improve the tunnel’s interior lining by replacing steel plates inside of the tunnel. Other improvements will be made to the roadway in order to improve road safety and driver comfort. The project will also bring water quality benefits with the construction of a vegetated swale, which will filter pollutants from storm water and help replenish groundwater supplies.

For more information, visit the LA County Public Works website at

City of Westlake Village Continues Its Prohibition of Pot-Bellied Pigs

The City of Westlake Village municipal code prohibits large animals, farm animals and livestock (except horses) such as pigs, hogs, cows, sheep, goats and wild animals, from city limits.

Up to four dogs and cats are allowed per residence, as are most tropical fish and up to three small birds for every 1,000 sq ft of land area. Betcha didn't know that.

Certain other animals are allowed, assuming minimum lot size requirements are met. For example, up to three pigeons, at least three months old, are allowed for each 1,000 sq ft of land area. Yes, you heard it here, pigeon fans.

Chickens, turkeys, peacocks, geese and ducks are permitted on parcels of 15,000 sq ft or larger, provided that not more than six (6) such fowl are maintained on the premises.

That said, pot-bellied pigs are considered livestock in Westlake Village and thus are unable to enjoy living in this fine city.

But a Westlake Village resident tried to change that at the City's July 9, 2014 City Council meeting.

At that meeting, this resident, I would assume to be a pot-bellied pig fan, proposed the possibility of unplugging this particularly unpleasant pot-bellied pig prohibition.

The City Council's Administrative Committee met on July 24th, September 19th and October 16th, involving "a considerable amount of research and discussion" according to a City report that will be presented at the November 12th City Council meeting.

Ultimately, the Committee decided that the demand for keeping pot-bellied pigs in the City was not sufficient to warrant a change to its regulations. Unless City Council overrides this conclusion on the 12th, pot-bellied pigs' preclusion from partaking in pleasureful partying in Westlake Village will be propagated in perpetuity.

If you are a pot-bellied pig, we feel your pain. Join us in Thousand Oaks, where municipal code allowas you to habitate, along with other livestock pals, assuming you have at least 50 sq ft of pen per pig and are maintain a distance of at least 40 feet away from your human's pen.

City of Westlake Village Municipal Code:

City of Thousand Oaks Municipal Code:

Temporary Nighttime 101 Freeway Closures at Lindero Canyon June 2 to 13

Reconstruction of the Lindero Canyon Road/101 freeway overpass will force a series of nighttime closures for the next two weeks.

The southbound 101 freeway will be closed at Lindero Canyon on the Mondays and Tuesdays of June 2, 3, 9, and 10. The closures of southbound lanes will start at 8:00 pm with a full southbound freeway closure to occur by 12 midnight each night.

This same process and time schedule will be repeated for northbound motorists on the Wednesday, Thursday, and Fridays of June 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, and 13. The 101 Freeway will be fully open by 6:00 am each day.

Southbound motorists will be detoured off the freeway at Westlake Boulevard with northbound vehicles detoured at Reyes Adobe Road. Detour signs will be in place to assist drivers with a return to the 101 freeway. Traffic on Lindero Canyon Road in each direction over the bridge will remain open.

On the first two successive nights and early mornings of the closure starting on June 2, construction crews will be using jackhammers to demolish portions of the overpass as part of the reconstruction project beginning around 11:30 pm. to 5:00 am. Unfortunately, noise generated by this construction activity may be heard in residential areas adjacent to the work. While the City of Westlake Village is mindful of this temporary inconvenience, unfortunately the schedule of work is dictated by Caltrans and the need to undertake this phase of the construction in the late evening and early morning hours is necessary to coincide with the temporary closure of the freeway. Nonetheless, the City wishes to thank the community and affected residents in advance for their patience and understanding associated with this aspect of the project.

Source: City of Westlake Village press release dated 5/30/14

City of Thousand Oaks Opens Household Hazardous Waste Facility This Month

Household Hazardous Waste Facility photo courtesy City of Thousand OaksThe City of Thousand Oaks announces the opening of its new permanent Household Hazardous Waste Facility at 2010 Conejo Center Drive in Newbury Park.  Beginning May 30, 2014, this state-of-the-art hazardous material collection facility will be open by appointment Friday and Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm for residents of Thousand Oaks and Unincorporated Ventura County areas to dispose of unwanted household hazardous waste products like paint, household cleaners, solvents, fertilizers, etc.

More information on local hazardous waste disposal options at THIS LINK or visit the City's GoGreen website at

City of Calabasas to Host Delegation of Special Olympics Athletes in 2015

The City of Calabasas will serve as a host city for a delegation of Special Olympics athletes before the opening of the 2015 World Games in Los Angeles.

About 7,000 participants from 170 nations will compete in more than 20 sports between July 25 and Aug. 2 next year at arenas including USC and UCLA. Among the competitions are aquatics, gymnastics, kayaking, basketball and soccer.

Calabasas will be one of 100 Southern California cities participating in a four-day pre-games celebration— hailing athletes from around the globe.

Host towns are responsible for providing accommodations, meals, activities and local transportation for the athletes and their sponsors.

Visit to find information about volunteering and  sponsorship opportunities.