Simi Valley Police Department Warns of Increase in Wallet Thefts


The Simi Valley Police Department has noted an increase in the theft of wallets taken from woman’s purses while shopping at local grocery stores.

Shoppers are being distracted by a female and/or male suspect. While distracted, the suspects are reaching into women’s purses and removing their wallets. Credit and debit cards are the items needed for a shopping spree on your dime. The usual purchases are gift cards, which are untraceable. Retail businesses do not request IDs to validate credit card ownership due to their corporate policies.

The SVPD would like to remind you STAY ALERT! DON’T BECOME A VICTIM!

  • Never leave your purse or backpack unattended in the shopping cart.

  • Always zip your purse or backpack closed to prevent any thefts.

  • If a fellow shopper interrupts your shopping to ask a question or make small talk, be sure that that your purse is not unattended in the shopping cart.

  • Secure your property to the cart’s safety belt or use a caribiner to attach your purse or backpack. (SVPD is giving away FREE keychain caribiners from the front desk, located at 3901 Alamo Street, Simi Valley).

  • Report suspicious subjects to the stores management.

    Ventura County Crime Stoppers will pay up to $1,000 reward for information, which leads to the arrest and crime complaint against the person(s) responsible for this crime. The caller may remain anonymous. Call Crime Stoppers at 800-222-TIPS (8477) or Text “BUSTED” plus your message to CRIMES (274637).

Simi Valley Police Department Reports Arrest of 12 Baby Formula Theft Suspects in Four Days

The Simi Valley Police Department (SVPD) reports that five suspects were arrested today for theft of baby formula, bringing the total number of baby formula theft arrests in Simi Valley in the last four days, in three incidents, to 12.

Today at 2:32 P.M. SVPD received a report that a theft of baby formula had just occurred at the Vons Supermarket at 1855 E. Cochran Street. Four male suspects ran out of the store with numerous cans of baby formula. They were seen leaving the area in a brown SUV.

Based on a description of the suspects and their vehicle, SVPD was able to track down the vehicle and five suspects, Jamal Dixon (20), Aarion Thomas (18), Onwuatuegwu Ngwudile (21),
Randle Posten II (22) and Solomon Leslie (19) were taken into custody.

The baby formula stolen today had an approximate value of $730 and was recovered from the suspects' vehicle. In addition to the formula stolen from Vons, another $2,000 to $3,000 in formula was recovered from the car.

On July 17th at 5:58, Los Angeles residents Mya Usher (18), Morgan Pecantte (20) and Champagne Dubose (21) were seen stealing baby formula from the CVS Pharmacy at 3935 E. Cochran Street in Simi Valley. They were also caught by SVPD and a large quantity of baby formula was recovered from the car. 

In another incident, four suspects were arrested. 

All 12 suspects are residents of Los Angeles and are believed to have come to Simi Valley intent on stealing baby formula.

7/19 SVPD Release:

7/17 SVPD Release:

So this begs the question...why? Well, perhaps due to the cost they are buying and reselling the formula. Maybe, or mayby not. One savvy CVG Facebook follower did a quick search and discovered a report from the Retail Association of Nevada that baby formula thefts are a growing national problem. Large-scale organized crime rings are stealing baby formula to manufacture illegal drugs; cans of powdered baby formula are used as mixers for drugs like cocaine and heroin. Yikes.

Thousand Oaks Police Department Has Launched Scam Hotline for Local Residents

The Thousand Oaks Police Department has launched a scam hotline for its citizens. The hotline telephone number (805) 371-8327 provides information on various current types of scams (telephone, mail, email, text message, etc.) and gives callers the opportunity to leave information on scams they may have been exposed to. The phone line is a recorded informational message available 24 hours a day.

Scams are climbing at an alarming rate, not only in our community, but communities nationwide. The Thousand Oaks Police Department is dedicated to educating the community on current scams and ways to avoid falling victim to them. We have found by educating the community and providing essential information about current scams, the monetary loss from
victims of scams is avoided.

The scam hotline is not for reporting crimes. If you are a victim of a scam that has resulted in a financial loss, please call Ventura County Sheriff’s Office dispatch at (805) 654-9511 to have an officer take a report.

Every year, thousands of people lose money to scams from a few hundred dollars to their whole life savings. In 2016, the Better Business Bureau reported that approximately 40,000 scams were reported, this does not account for the numerous scams not being reported or the monetary losses, which are in the billions of dollars.

For additional information on current scams contact the Federal Trade Commission at or the Better Business Bureau at To file an internet crime complaint with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) at

Simi Valley Police Department Announces SAFECAM Camera Registry Program

SAFECAM is the Simi Valley Police Department’s newest crime fighting program and represents another opportunity for the police department to partner with local businesses and community members to help create an even safer place to live, work, and play. Through SAFECAM residents and business owners who operate security cameras have the opportunity to help the Simi Valley Police Department prevent and solve crime.

SAFECAM is a database of personal security cameras owned and operated by businesses and residents in the City of Simi Valley. Those who have security cameras on their business or residence are encouraged to register their cameras through SAFECAM. In the event a crime, traffic collision or other law enforcement related event occurs near the area where registered security cameras are located, Simi Valley Police Department personnel will be able to quickly contact the owner of the camera to request the footage. By being able to quickly locate and view security footage, Simi Valley Police Department personnel will be better able to identify possible suspects and bring them to justice.


The Simi Valley Police Department is dedicated to finding new and innovative ways to partner with local residents and business owners. By completing a registration form and submitting it to the Simi Valley Police Department your camera information will be entered into a database that is maintained by the police department. When a crime, traffic collision or other law enforcement related event occurs, officers will be able to quickly access the SAFECAM database, identify businesses and residences in the area that have security cameras, contact the owners of the camera and request footage which may help to identify suspects and assist with the apprehension and prosecution of those involved.

Information provided to the Simi Valley Police Department regarding camera systems will be for official use only. All personal information will be confidential and not for public dissemination.


If your residence or business has a security camera system you can help the Simi Valley Police Department investigate and solve crimes by registering your camera in one of three ways:

• Go to to complete the on-line SAFECAM registration form. Then press the “submit” button at the bottom of the page.

• Print out the SAFECAM registration form from, complete it, and drop it off at the Simi Valley Police Department’s front counter or mail it to the Simi Valley Police Department Communication Center at 3901 Alamo Street, Simi Valley, CA 93063.

• Or, contact the Simi Valley Police Department’s Crime Prevention Representative, Jean-Marie Maroshek at (805) 583-6276 to help complete your registration over the phone.

The Simi Valley Police Department recognizes that they cannot prevent or solve crime by itself. The police department has had a long standing relationship with the community and SAFECAM is another way for the police and community to work together to help keep Simi Valley safe. There are more ways that you can be a part of keeping Simi Valley safe:

• Neighborhood Watch
• Next Door (electronic Neighborhood Watch)
• Business Watch
• Citizens on Patrol (Volunteer Program)

For additional information on all of the Crime Prevention Programs that the Simi Valley Police Department offers, call (805) 583-6276

Another local city with a video camera registration program is Ventura. Learn more at

Ventura County Sheriff's Office Announces "Operation Take Back the Pumps" Effort

Operation Take Back the Pumps is a collaborative effort by Ventura County law enforcement agencies, businesses, and Federal agencies to combat credit/debit card fraud and identity theft facilitated through the illegal use of credit card skimming devices placed on gasoline/fuel pumps.

Identity theft is a national problem that is significantly affecting citizens in Ventura County. One way thieves are obtaining victim’s credit and debit card information is through the use of illegal card skimming devices being surreptitiously placed in fuel pumps. When an unsuspecting customer swipes their debit or credit card into the pay station on the fuel pump, these illegal devices capture the card and pin information. The thieves then use this stolen information to commit identity theft and other fraud related crimes. Losses from a single illegal skimming device on a fuel pump usually averages between $50,000 and $100,000.

Operation Take Back the Pumps consists of multiple phases designed to combat identity theft perpetuated by the use of illegal card skimming devices on fuel pumps. The phases consists of training law enforcement and gasoline station personnel on prevention methods and the identification/detection of illegal skimming devices; Programs that promote regular inspections of the pumps for tampering and/or illegal card skimming devices, if the agency should decide; And finally, education of the public on practices that will help keep them from becoming victims of identity theft.

Operation Take Back the Pumps was coordinated by the Moorpark Police Department and launched on August 13, 2015, beginning with a joint effort by all of the involved agencies/businesses coming together in an attempt to inspect all fuel pumps in Ventura County. This proved to be successful as 1,512 fuel pumps were inspected and three (3) illegal skimming devices were discovered and removed. These devices will be used as evidence in an attempt to identify and prosecute the suspect(s) responsible for these crimes.

The following is a breakdown by city of pumps inspected and the number of illegal card skimming devices found:

City of Camarillo - 155 pumps inspected and no devices found
City of Fillmore - 76 pumps inspected and no devices found
City of Moorpark - 72 pumps inspected and no devices found
City of Ojai - 44 pumps inspected and no devices found
City of Oxnard - 335 pumps inspected and no devices found
City of Port Hueneme - 8 pumps inspected and no devices found
City of Santa Paula - 42 pumps inspected and no devices found
City of Simi Valley - 173 pumps inspected and no devices found
City of Thousand Oaks - 272 pumps inspected and three (3) devices found
City of Ventura – 335 pumps inspected and no devices found

Law enforcement and participants in this operation encourage the public to consider the following steps when purchasing fuel. Following these steps will significantly reduce the risk of being victimized by identity thieves.

  • Pay with cash whenever possible.
  • If paying with a credit/debit card, go inside the gas station instead of paying at the pump.
  • Look for security seals/stickers on fuel pumps. If the seals/stickers are broken, cut or read “VOID,” do not use that pump and immediately report your observations to gas station personnel

Thousand Oaks City Watch Update Regarding Recent Gang Related Arrests

Here is a "City Watch" update from Senior Deputy Tim Lohman of the Thousand Oaks Police Department. If you would like these updates directly from via email, click here for more information.

The Thousand Oaks Police Department is committed to keeping the City of Thousand Oaks a great place to live and work.  The following arrest is an example of our commitment to the community to keep it safe and free from fear of intimidation by these thugs who live within our community.    The Thousand Oaks Police Department takes a zero tolerance stand against gangs or their activity in this city.  

On April 19, 2013, at approximately 2:40 P.M., a male victim was parked and waiting to pick up his younger brother from Thousand Oaks High School.  The victim saw his brother walking east on Avenida De Las Flores and crossing Moorpark Road.  A male juvenile, 14 years old, approached the victim’s younger brother and challenged him to a fight.  The victim’s brother refused to fight.  S-Felipe, brother of the male juvenile, arrived and joined the conversation.  The victim exited his vehicle and went to his brother’s aide. S-Felipe threw a punch at the victim; the victim then punched S-Felipe in the face.  The male juvenile then pulled a switchblade type knife from his pants pocket, and chased the victim with the knife in his hand.   The victim and his brother were able to make their way back to their vehicle and leave the area.  The victim did not sustain any injuries.

On April 30, 2013, at approximately 3:00 P.M., a male juvenile victim and a female friend walked from Thousand Oaks High School to Acorn Acres Park.  While sitting on a park bench, the victim was approached by four subjects; two male juveniles, S-Felipe and S-Alvarez.  S-Alvarez and S-Felipe claimed their gang and told the victim to fight one of the juveniles one on one.  The victim refused to fight.  One of the male juveniles approached the victim, claimed his gang, and then punched the victim in the face.  S-Felipe and another male juvenile joined in and began punching the victim in the head and upper torso.  After several minutes S-Alvarez ordered the beating to be stopped.  The suspects stopped the beating, however, one of the male juvenile delivered one last kick to the victim’s rib cage. 

The victim and his female friend walked back to Thousand Oaks High School to seek help.  The victim did not seek medical attention.

On May 29, 2013, in the early morning hours, 20 law enforcement personnel from the City of Thousand Oaks Special Enforcement Unit, Detectives Bureau, and the Bike Patrol Unit executed search warrants at four residences in the City of Thousand Oaks. 

As a result of the investigation, 4 suspects were arrested for the attack at Acorn Acres Park and 1 male juvenile was arrested for the Assault with a Deadly Weapon in the street. 

The above suspects were arrested for a variety of charges that include; Ga

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Oxnard Police Department Launches "Stay in Touch" Program for Local Residents

The Oxnard Police Department recently introduced "Stay in Touch," a service that emails you notifications about public safety issues and crime activity in your specific neighborhood in Oxnard. To sign up, you simply provide your email address and name and selected your neighborhood. Learn more and sign up at

Great News From Thousand Oaks Police Department Regarding Burglary Arrests

Recently, the city of Thousand Oaks has experienced an increase in residential and vehicle burglaries.  During this investigation, the Thousand Oaks Police Department engaged in a public awareness campaign, asking residents to call and report suspicious activity.  With the help of tips from our community members, several burglary suspects have been arrested over the past month.  These suspects are unknown to one another, and their crimes are not related.

On April 10th, 2013, Detectives and School Resource Officers from the Thousand Oaks Police Station arrested two juveniles for a rash of burglaries to storage lockers in the Thousand Oaks area.

On April 15th, 2013, a tip from the public led patrol officers to Madison McConnell (age 23).  McConnell was found in possession of stolen property and has been connected to at least one residential burglary in the city of Thousand Oaks.  Detectives are continuing to investigate the possibility he has been involved in more.

On April 26th, 2013, investigators from the Thousand Oaks Special Enforcement Unit arrested Sean Torbert (age 26) for residential burglaries that occurred in the city of Los Angeles.  Torbert is suspected of committing similar residential burglaries in Thousand Oaks, and investigators are investigating his connection to those crimes.

The identification and arrest of these suspects is the direct result of the partnership the Thousand Oaks Police Department has with our community, and the willingness of our community members to provide essential information regarding crime in our neighborhoods.  The Thousand Oaks Police Department would like to remind our community to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity.  

Report suspicious persons and/or vehicles in your neighborhoods at (805) 654-9511.

Source: Thousand Oaks Police Department