City of Westlake Village Continues Its Prohibition of Pot-Bellied Pigs

The City of Westlake Village municipal code prohibits large animals, farm animals and livestock (except horses) such as pigs, hogs, cows, sheep, goats and wild animals, from city limits.

Up to four dogs and cats are allowed per residence, as are most tropical fish and up to three small birds for every 1,000 sq ft of land area. Betcha didn't know that.

Certain other animals are allowed, assuming minimum lot size requirements are met. For example, up to three pigeons, at least three months old, are allowed for each 1,000 sq ft of land area. Yes, you heard it here, pigeon fans.

Chickens, turkeys, peacocks, geese and ducks are permitted on parcels of 15,000 sq ft or larger, provided that not more than six (6) such fowl are maintained on the premises.

That said, pot-bellied pigs are considered livestock in Westlake Village and thus are unable to enjoy living in this fine city.

But a Westlake Village resident tried to change that at the City's July 9, 2014 City Council meeting.

At that meeting, this resident, I would assume to be a pot-bellied pig fan, proposed the possibility of unplugging this particularly unpleasant pot-bellied pig prohibition.

The City Council's Administrative Committee met on July 24th, September 19th and October 16th, involving "a considerable amount of research and discussion" according to a City report that will be presented at the November 12th City Council meeting.

Ultimately, the Committee decided that the demand for keeping pot-bellied pigs in the City was not sufficient to warrant a change to its regulations. Unless City Council overrides this conclusion on the 12th, pot-bellied pigs' preclusion from partaking in pleasureful partying in Westlake Village will be propagated in perpetuity.

If you are a pot-bellied pig, we feel your pain. Join us in Thousand Oaks, where municipal code allowas you to habitate, along with other livestock pals, assuming you have at least 50 sq ft of pen per pig and are maintain a distance of at least 40 feet away from your human's pen.

City of Westlake Village Municipal Code:

City of Thousand Oaks Municipal Code: