Laker Girls Appear at the Newbury Park Arco Am Pm Grand Opening April 6-7

For those of you who regularly check out Conejo Valley Guide, you know that our primary focus is covering events, activities and things to do in the Conejo Valley and Greater Ventura County area. As such, most of what you see on this site relates to the future, not the past, which is best covered by our great local newspapers.

However, sometimes we make exceptions, particularly here in the Local Buzz blog where we like to periodically report random goings on that we find interesting and/or amusing. Such was the case yesterday and today in Newbury Park, where we learned that the brand new Arco Am Pm at 2305 Borchard Road (at Michael) was hosting a grand opening celebration that, among other things, featured an appearance by THE LAKER GIRLS!

It's not every day that we get to see Laker Girls in our neck of the fact, this is the first and only time I can recall this happening in my nearly 20 years in the Conejo Valley. So given the significance I just HAD to stop by several times. Never have I seen so many SMILES at a gas station! Thanks to the owners of this station. Good times were had by all. :>