Oakbrook Neighborhood Park in Thousand Oaks

Located at the corner of Erbes Road and Pederson Road in Thousand Oaks, the 14 acre Oakbrook Neighborhood Park was expanded dramatically in 2012. The original park included a play area, sand volleyball court and large grassy area. The expansion includes a decent-sized parking area, small restroom, basketball and netball* courts, a jogging/walking/bike path and a nice horseshoe pit area. Visit the Conejo Recreation and Park District website at www.crpd.org for more information.

This is the original section of the park; primarily expansive grassy area with play area in background.Paved path area in the expanded section of the park.Something you don't see too often these days...new horseshoe pit area .

Yes, this is a netball court, not to be confused with a basketball court!To learn more about the game of netball, click this link here on Conejo Valley Guide. This is the first, and, as of May 2013, only netball court in Thousand Oaks. And yes, I was confused when I saw it too.