Wagon Wheel Motel, Restaurant and Bowling Alley in Oxnard

The Wagon Wheel Motel and Restaurant complex used to stand at the corner of the 101 and PCH in Oxnard at the northern edge of a 64 acre slated to be redeveloped into a European-themed development with 1,500 residential units and retail space. The distinctive western-themed office, motel and restaurant was originally built in 1947. The restaurant closed in 2005 and the motel closed in 2006. Built in 1953, the Wagon Wheel Bowl finally closed its doors in May 2015. The bowling alley was designed by Arthur Froehlich, who also designed Hollywood Park Racetrack and Hanna Barbera Studios in 1962.

This motel was built when western movies were at their peak popularity. My kids would have loved this place with rustic wood beds, chairs and lamps, windows made out of wagon wheels, lamps made out of branding irons and spurs, etc.  Even the street names in the area are western-themed...Pettitcoat Lane, Winchester Drive, Saddle Ave, Spur Drive, etc.

Previous update: On 10/25/10, the VC Star reported that final briefs have been filed by the San Buenaventura Conservancy, which would like to preserve the complex as a historic site. Though it seems many people want these dilapidated buildings torn down to make room for 1,500 homes and commercial space, some would like to preserve it.

Wagon Wheel Office and Restaurant Before Closure in 2005

Wagon Wheel Office and Restaurant Before Closure in 2005