Views in 1957 Looking West From Lynn and Gainsborough Roads in Thousand Oaks

7255 Conejo Valley 1957 ©Venturaviews.jpg

In another post we showed a photo taken by Walt Dibblee from the mountain ridge at the northwest corner of what is now Lynn Road and Gainsborough Road in Thousand Oaks in 1957 facing east. This one faces the west, towards the Conejo Grade.

Gainsborough Road west of Lynn Road is Camino Dos Rios, which it appears the road in the photo above could possibly be, but is hard to tell. What is clear however is that back in 1957 there wasn't a lot of development in Thousand Oaks. Below is a photo taken from the same spot on a bit of a gloomy day in the Conejo Valley in February 2015. While the background scenery looks so much different, I felt a chill in my spine as I stood at the top of that hill on the same dirt, rock formations and vegetation, not to mention mountains in the distance, as Walt Diblee experienced 58 years ago.


See more of Dibblee's photographs from the mid 1950s to the late 1960s at where you also have the option of acquiring high-resolution prints of these blasts to the past. Thanks to Steve Dibblee for sharing some of his late father's work with us here on Conejo Valley Guide and at