July 6, 2010 Training Update

My last update was June 20th, after running a decent 5K on Father's Day. Five days later, on Friday, June 25th, I got up a bit early and ran up to the Danielson Monument in Sycamore Canyon. Here is the path.

I enjoy that run up to the monument, a tribute to the rancher who, along with his family, farmed and ranched in Rancho Sierra Vista and later donated the land to the National Park Service. As I ascend up the hill toward the monument and burned down cabin (just a chimney remains), my mind starts to wander...how challenging that must have been to live up there.  Would take a long time to get to Trader Joe's from up on that mountain.

The trails are slightly overgrown this time of year, so I had to do my best to avert foliage for poison oak, ticks, etc. What I like about this run is the challenge of the uphill grind, nice views and then the much quicker descent back down into the canyon. Then more hills. This is a nice, strength building run.

I added extra mileage to the run to get to about 10 miles over 80 minutes. The next day, all set for a planned road trip to Vegas, out of the blue I was on my back with a stomach flu for 2 days. Two steps forward, 1 step back, as usual!

One week later, July 4th, I pondered running a 10K.  But I was up so late with the kids after the annual Moorpark 3rd of July Fireworks Show that I opted to sleep in. The good news is that we've been having some nice carryover of June Gloom weather into July. I started my 14 mile run at 8:45 a.m. and had marine layer sheltering me for nearly the entire 92 minute run. Cloud cover is a runner's best friend.