Father's Day Started With a 5K Run

Last Saturday while picking up my 4 year old son my back spazzed out and my training was placed on hold for several days. My chiropractor in Camarillo, Dr Jensen, whipped me back into shape by Wednesday. I ran very slowly with a back brace on Tuesday after my initial adjustment on Monday, then after my 2nd appointment on Wednesday, felt pretty much back to normal by Thursday.  Nice!!

My last adjustment was at the end of December, so I had gone nearly 6 months without a visit. That was a no no. I'll be back to once a month adjustments to keep my back in order.

The 2 day layoff must have been good for me, because today I was able to run a 5K in Newbury Park and actually feel up to par. In fact, I actually won the entire race in a time of 17:27 (though later I discovered the course was actually about 3.06 miles (not the standard 3.1 for a 5K), so technically I ran closer to a 17:45 for my purist running friends.

In any case, I felt pretty good about being able to run under 18 minutes at age 46 without any type of speedwork, other than the 10K race I ran a few weeks back. Gives me more motivation to start training hard again...but I'd have to stop blogging or something so I'd be more rested for it :>

Since personally I'm not a big fan of interval work on the track, my goal will be to run more local races this year as I train for the Singapore Marathon in December. It felt great pushing my body today. Running  a hard 5K race is a good way to shock the body and lungs into a higher level of training!