I've Recovered From Every Injury I've Ever Had

I managed to run 38 miles with a back brace on last week. These miles were slower than normal but I was happy to be able to train through my injury.  Most of my runs were 6 miles.  No long runs.  My last long run of 20 miles was over 3 weeks ago.

My training peaked over the last half of July and after vacation week and 2 weeks of battling injuries I'm finally feeling like my body is ready to get back into training.  I've seen a chiropractor 4 times since last week and have appointments set for tomorrow and Friday.

There has been a knife-like sore spot in my lower left back. Over the last week I've been waking up with less pain but within an hour of sitting down at the desk the pain comes back. Then I go back to the chiro, get adjusted, and the pain goes away again. He says that it is basically my body's stubborn way of putting up a fight.

As frustrating as this pain has been, I keep in mind that I have recovered from every single injury I've had over the last 17 years of running.  I'll guestimate at least 100 injuries over the years. Gotta keep that in mind!  Ya may feel down and out, but think about everything you've overcome in the past.

With that positive energy in mind, I continue onwards. Yet another "challenge" on the road to the marathon.

While shopping at the new Trader Joe's in Newbury Park the other day, I bumped into one of my runner friends who just happens to be one of the top 50+ runners in Southern California. Coincidentally he also was the recipient of a lower back problem, though in his case it is his entire lower back. We compared back support braces (his was better) and he indicated he cannot even run.  But good ole Dave had just finished an hour long run in the pool, running with foam pool noodles under his arms. Talk about dedication!

On a different note, on Saturday, with my 2 young boys in tow, I visited Future Track Running Center in Agoura before lunch.  It had been awhile since I last visited the store and I was impressed by the well organized array of shoes, clothing, equipment and other must have products.  I know it is possible to find shoes cheaper on the Internet, but its much nicer physically going into a local store, trying on several shoes, feeling their weight, talking to the helpful staff (and they are definitely knowledgeable...I learned some new things) and got instant gratification. Not to mention, they put up with my 3 and 6 year olds running around the store, wreaking havoc.  Patronize your local running shoe store! It is your civic duty as a runner!  Future Track has a very nice supply of running fluid packs, including my favorite Nathan Waistpak, and all types of running energy gels.