One Week Back From Weak Back

Or so I thought.  It was one week ago that a back spasm during a mid-run pit stop put the latest damper on my training for this December's Inaugural Santa Barbara Marathon.

After visiting the chiropractor on Monday and feeling a bit better on Tuesday, I was optimistic that by now, I'd be past this ailment.  But the pain has been there, better some days, worse others (like today). Why, why, why? 

Well for starters, it is hard to predict how quickly our bodies respond to treatment and recover from injuries.  I'm often shocked the morning after a new problem that magically goes away. But then there's often these nagging problems that take their time going away.

Life happens...I've got 2 young boys and boy their very rambunctious nature they have a tendency to ram into me, pummel me and pretend I'm a jungle gym. I love it! But it takes a toll on my body...especially after a 20 mile run.

So...I'm continuing the treatment, taking the running slow and easy...but still running with back brace...and am determined to get well soon as I'm past due for another 20 miler!

I've got another 3 1/2 months until the marathon, so I'll be fine.  That really equates to about 2 1/2 months of potential hard training as the final 3 to 4 weeks will be my taper.  I'll have to cross my fingers my current rate I'm on track for a 4 MONTH taper!