I'm Sitting Here Writhing in Back Pain Again

Darn it!  It was only a few months ago that a major back spasm sidelined my running for 3 weeks.  I visited the chiropractor and the problem finally went away.  Well at 3 a.m. Monday morning my 4 year old awoke me out of a deep sleep to help him go potty...I turned too fast as I was getting out of bed and...SNAP...there goes my back again.  First froggies, then 4 year olds.

Strangely, while my current back spasm and nerve irritation makes cause me excrutiating discomfort when I'm sitting down, I can run without major incident.  This is good. Weird though.  So in the meantime I'm back at the chiro office 3X per week. 

In the meantime, last week I had 48 miles of running under my belt, ending with my slow but steady 16.3 miler on Sunday.  I was able to get that much mileage last week only by doubling up my runs 3 days.  Not particularly enjoyable for me but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

The other good thing is that I pretty much feel 100% recuperated now from my wonderful swine flu experience.  Just when I'm over and done with one injury, illness or other stumbling block in my training, some new issue pops up.  Boy am I glad I'm not a professional runner.  I don't know how I could deal with so many setbacks!  But as a casual runner, it is easier to take these problems in stride.

That's it for tonight.  Better get to bed before midnight or I'll turn into a pumpkin.