Double Up Your Runs When You Need to Double Down Your Training

The past two mornings I've had a hard time waking up.  So here I am less than 2 months from my marathon running 15 minutes this morning. That ain't gonna cut it!  Time to double up!

I don't usually enjoy doing 2 runs a day.  One quality 40 minute run is better than a 15 minute and a 25 minute run in my opinion.  But ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

I'm already feeling vulnerable in my training because I've been in a 4 week training tailspin due to illness.  So I need to do whatever it takes to make one last ditch mileage buildup before tapering off for the marathon starting in a month.

Today we welcomed the first rainstorm of the Fall here in Ventura County.  What a pleasure to see the rain out there.  Last night there was a very light rain that made my 2nd run of the day quite pleasant.  It was a solid 2nd run that made me feel good physically and emotionally. Yes, although I almost fell asleep at 8 pm reading my 4 year old to sleep, I was able to drag myself out and run again!

Second runs build mental toughness. It ain't easy lacing up those shoes at night in the dark. But doing so builds up that "I can do it" attitude that marathoners need to meet their goals.

Note:  Do be particularly careful running at night.  Always run facing traffic. Wear a reflective vest.  Run in familiar areas, preferably well lighted.  Running in the dark increases the possibility of stepping on things you don't want to step on.