Simply Healthy, Donuts or Better Yet, Simply Healthy Donuts in Newbury Park!


In the space previously occupied by the Newbury Park Golden Spoon, a new sign came up yesterday called Simply Healthy.  In a rush, I snapped a shot of this new business to share. Though I have a guess as to what the business is, I will keep that to myself until it is confirmed.

But in taking another look at the photo, the irony became apparent. Simply Healthy...Donuts. Yes, people were amused when it was posted to the CVG Facebook Page: "Finally! I've been waiting for a simply healthy donut!" "I'll take a dozen" "Dream come true!" "I'm off to get my healthy donuts!"

If anyone is reading this and knows how to make healthy donuts, consider a location in the Conejo Valley. There appears to be high demand for them!