Gino's Bistro in Newbury Park Indicates Gino to Retire in the Coming Months

Gino's Bistro (circa 2010)

Gino's Bistro (circa 2010)

Gino of Gino's Bistro in Newbury Park has announced he will be retiring in the coming months, with an anticipated closing date likely the first week of January 2016. (FOLLOW-UP: Gino's last day of operation was December 31st.)

Gino has been in the restaurant business over 40 years and has owned a number of restaurants, including Gino's Bistro (since 2008), Di Gennara in Woodland Hills and Dolcetto's in Agoura Hills.

He is hosting what looks to be his last wine tasting dinner this Sunday, November 1st. 

On a personal note, I've enjoyed Gino and his food over the years and I know many others that have too. He will be missed, but we hope he enjoys retirement!

Gino's is located at 1620 Newbury Road in Newbury Park, next to Cronies. Phone is 805.498.3188.

(Note: Thanks to Julie Freedman of Newbury Park, who gave us the heads up.)