From Frozen Yogurt to Burgers to the "Best Chinese Food" in Thousand Oaks

Originally posted 7/23/13. Update 8/13/13: The Best Chinese Food's actual name is Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant. I like that because I was born in the Year of the Dragon. Thanks for the heads up again, Melissa W.

"Best Chinese Food" is what the sign says at 2416 E. Thousand Oaks Boulevard, Thousand Oaks. Thanks to the eagle eyes of CVG Facebook follower Lauren T. of Thousand Oaks, we've learned that Village Burgers, which opened its doors last fall in the former home of a frozen yogurt place (Yozen Frogurt Express), is closed and that some time next month, "Best Chinese Food" is coming to our little town of Thousand Oaks.

What is not clear to me just yet is, will the new restaurant literally be called Best Chinese Food or is that just a teaser for the possibly to be announced new Chinese food restaurant that will be opening here. Well the smaller sign on the door shown below gives no clues (though I do like the small letter o's).

But wait, maybe it does. It does not say "Best Chinese Food" - just "Chinese Food." So maybe it will be called something else. Who knows. Well someone knows. But it ain't me. Yet. But one thing I do know is that I love Chinese food. And since this place will be situated across the street from the Toyota dealership, I might have to bring my car in for servicing, once the Best Chinese Food, Good Chinese Food or simply, Chinese Food, is open for business.

And Village Burgers, we are sorry to see you go. Although I never did get around to trying you out, I had intended to. At some point. But I'll have to cross that thought off the bucket list. That is all.