Chick-fil-A is Anticipated on Thousand Oaks Boulevard Sometime in 2012

Update: On 2/9/12, the T.O. Acorn reported the following:

  1. Yes indeed, Weinerschnitzel will be demolished and the new Chick-fil-A should be up and running in 5 months.
  2. Chick-fil-A is interested in opening a 2nd T.O. location at the vacated El Torito at 449 N. Moorpark Road that would have indoor seating and a small kids' play area.
  3. Weinerschnitzel is interested in finding another location in Thousand Oaks.

It's all good! Wow, those Chick-fil-A locations would be all of 4 miles apart!

Way back in December 2010 there was discussion about a Chick-fil-A in Thousand Oaks to be considered for the existing Weinerschnitzel location at 3771 E. Thousand Oaks Boulevard.

The revised plan submitted to the city for the 2,200 sq ft site was a drive-thru with only outdoor seating as the parcel size will not accommodate interior dining space.

Well in September 2011 the city approved this plan and it now is only a matter of time before Chick-fil-A graces Thousand Oaks Boulevard with its presence. There are grading and demo permits in process and new construction will subsequently take place. Perhaps we will see a Chick-fil-A in Thousand Oaks by the 4th of July. Stay tuned.