Chick-fil-A Plans in T.O., Camarillo Are Being Carefully Scrutinized by City Planners

Thousand Oaks City planners are still reviewing the design of the 2,200 square foot Chick-fil-A building proposed to replace Weinerschnitzel, 3771 E. Thousand Oaks Boulevard. There will be no date set for it to go before the planning commission until issues of drainage and grading are settled. There's not a lot of flexibility on the site to make new building requirements work. For a while Chick-fil-A looked around at other sites in Thousand Oaks that would also offer a drive-thru, but came back to the Weinerschnitzel site, a city official said. Maybe some time next year fried chicken breast sandwiches will replace hot dogs, chili and cheeseburgers.

In Camarillo, city planners are suggesting Chick-fil-A take a look at other sites than where the company has applied to build. The Camarillo Promenade is a carefully designed environment that has been tirelessly developed to meet a standard that is pedestrian friendly. The drive-thru proposed conflicts with the village retail setting described in the area's specific plan. The retail center is at Ventura Blvd. East of Los Posas. The city's community development department has not accepted the restaurant's application, saying it's incomplete. Planners like the company, just not the drive-thru in the Promenade.