Thousand Oaks Public Works Department's Street and Drainage Preparation Pays Off

Last year public works employees were out in the rain clearing a fallen tree limb. So far, during the recent rains, that's not happened. That may change if wind starts blowing as some predict.

The millions of dollars Thousand Oaks has put into its drainage and streets system was put to the test over the past week with record rainfall. The public works department of 200 workers directed by Mark Watkins passed with an excellent grade. There was only an occasional pothole reported and quickly filled. The city pays more to pave streets with asphault rubber made out of recycled tires. The rubber pavement wears better as proven after recent rain storms. Now, with windy weather predicted, the public works department is ready with chainsaws and woodchippers to clear any downed trees that might fall on public property due to roots not getting a good grip in saturated ground. To report any service needs call (805) 449-2499.