Burger King in Thousand Oaks On Deck to Become Another McDonald's

Update 12/15/12: Hey look! The new McDonalds at the old Burger King location at Oakbrook Plaza in Thousand Oaks next to Taco Bell, is now open. Time for a late night junk food fix!

Original Post 6/14/12: Many Thousand Oaks residents are aware that the Burger King at 1908 Avenida de los Arboles has been closed for close to 6 months. There was a sign on the building indicating an application with the City of Thousand Oaks "to allow remodel of a fast food restaurant and deletion of parking spaces."

Aside from the oddness of "deleting of parking spaces" (which to geeks like me makes it sound like the parking spaces will be removed with a backspace key), I had assumed they were planning to just upgrade the existing Burger King.

But...nooooo...tipped off by a CVG Facebook Page follower, I asked the City planner as to the plans for this Burger King. I was informed that indeed, the plans are to convert this Burger King into a McDonald's!!

Time frame of this transition is not known, but we will stay abreast (as in Chicken Selects Premium Breast Strips) of the situation.

The next closest Burger King locations are in Agoura on Roadside Drive (cross street Kanan), Simi Valley (2 locations) and Camarillo.

This McDonald's will be located less than 2 1/2 miles from the McDonald's on Moorpark Road at Janss and 5 miles from the location across from the Auto Mall on Thousand Oaks Boulevard.

On a geographically related note, nearby P&L Burgers, also located in Oakbrook Plaza, serves up some of the most delicous onion rings in town IMO. And the veggie burger I had there was quite tasty, something I cannot say about many veggie burger offerings out there. They are just a few doors away at 2000 Avenida de los Arboles. www.pandlburgers.com  P&L is a favorite among local accountants!