Marview Drive Trail in Thousand Oaks

Marview Drive Trail Trailhead in Thousand Oaks

Marview Drive Trail Trailhead in Thousand Oaks

If you're looking for a short, steep and sweet trail to hike up and down in Thousand Oaks, check out the trail on Marview Drive, just east of the entrance to Old Meadows Park at 1600 Marview Drive. Take Erbes Road and go west on Marview. After passing the residential section of the road, up ahead is Old Meadows Park and on the right is plenty of street parking across from the trailhead.


Short it definitely is. Only about a quarter of a mile to the top of the hill, but it will take you a bit longer than your typical hike because it is so steep, at least the first section.


Then toward the top it starts to flatten out, where you will discover panoramic views of the Conejo Valley. There's also quite a clear view of the 23 Freeway from up here!


At the top of the trail is a large, enclosed square fenced in with No Trespassing signs all over the place. This is a water tank. But you can walk around the area to the other side, where there's actually a trail and walkway that goes down to the St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church.

So there you have it! A short, steep, but sweet little trail in the heart of Thousand Oaks!