Trolley Services in Ventura County and Surrounding Areas

Trolley seen around town in Westlake Village

Trolley seen around town in Westlake Village

The term "trolley" is derived from a grooved conductive wheel attached to a pole that "trolls," or pulls along, an overhead wire to transfer electricity to a streetcar. The first large-scale trolley line in the world, the Richmond Union Passenger Railway, was a 12 mile system that opened on February 12, 1888 in Richmond, Virginia. This trolley service operated until November 25, 1949. 

You don't see many trolley buses anymore (San Francisco's historic streetcars are a well known exception), but here in Ventura County and adjacent areas we do have some electric trolleys in operation!

Camarillo: The City of Camarillo provides free trolley bus service seven days a week, with 10 stops at various shopping centers in town.

Ojai: The City of Ojai's Ojai Trolley Service has operated since 1989, providing low cost fixed route service with 45 stops over roughly five miles in Ojai, Meiners Oaks and Mira Monte.

Ventura:  The Downtown Ventura-Harbor Trolley provides year-round free service to local shopping, tourist and hotel locations over an hour-long route, Wednesday through Sunday.

Calabasas: Just east of us, City of Calabasas offers free trolley service on Saturdays at 24 stops at various shopping and other venues.

Westlake Village: A free trolley service is offered by the City of Westlake Village from time to time on Friday/Saturday nights, including the winter holiday time frame and summer months.

Santa Barbara: The Santa Barbara Trolley Company is a commercial service that provides trolley tours to some of the area's great tourist venues seven days a week, year-round.