Thousand Oaks Police Department Reminds Drivers to Slow Down

According to the Thousand Oaks Police Department, in the past 12 months there have been seven fatal traffic collisions in the City of Thousand Oaks. Four of these fatalities have occurred on Westlake Boulevard. Three of the fatalities were motorcycle riders and the one this week was a solo vehicle into a power pole. Speeding was a factor in all of the accidents. The victims were boys 21 years of age and younger.

As a result of the latest traffic collision, a 17-year-old passenger is still in critical, but stable condition. Both boys in the last accident were scheduled to start their senior year at Thousand Oaks High School this week.

The Thousand Oaks Traffic Division would like to put an end to these tragedies. Therefore, the traffic division will be increasing enforcement in this area and other areas prone to speeding in an effort to make the roadway safer.

Please take the time drive safely. Most importantly, reduce your speed and obey all traffic laws.

Source: Thousand Oaks Police Department

Speaking of speeding teens, less than two weeks ago my wife and kids were driving on Lynn Road near the 101 in the late afternoon when another local teen managed to lose control of the car he was driving and barrel across the median into oncoming traffic, totaling both cars. SLOW DOWN indeed and don't even think about texting while driving!