The Rose Parade Post Parade Showcase of Floats is Something You Have to Do at Least Once

Everyone at some point here in the Greater Los Angeles/Ventura County area should try to see the Rose Parade in person, as early and as cold as the parade usually is.  But if that isn't your cup of tea, then you MUST see the post parade showcase of floats at the end of the parade route on Sierra Madre Boulevard in Pasadena.

The Rose Parade Post Parade Showcase of Floats lasts just a few days each year, beginning the afternoon after the Rose Parade. Several streets are sectioned off for several miles as you get to walk around and check out these beautiful floats up close. 

As a reminder, Rose Parade floats are required to be completely covered by flowers or other natural materials, such as leaves, seeds or bark. These floats are spectacular pieces of art!

A couple things to keep in mind is to allow for plenty of time as this is an extremely popular event. There are parking and shuttle options, or you can drive around and attempt to find parking in surrounding neighborhoods. You may have to walk a mile to get to the entrance and there is an admission fee ($10 in 2016).

 I told you it gets crowded. See for yourself!

I told you it gets crowded. See for yourself!

I made the mistake of allowing my youngest to ride his scooter from the car to the event, at which point we were quickly told "no scooters" or other such items. I asked if I could carry it. Nope. So off we went, back to the car, and back we came. It was clear why they don't allow such items here...there were literally throngs of people on hand admiring the floats.


Along with the floats, there were plenty of food and beverage vendors and other activities along the route. Do wear comfortable shoes as there is a lot of walking to be done to see all of the floats!

For more information and parking/shuttle options, visit or call 626.449.4100.