The Majority of Conejo Valley Guide Facebook Followers Plan to Relax on Black Friday

Happy Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is celebrated on the 4th Thursday of November, but it hasn't always been that way. In December 1941, Congress passed a law signed by Franklin D. Roosevelt to change it to the 4th Thursday; previously it was the last Thursday of the month (signed into law by Abraham Lincoln in 1863). The change was made in part to distance Thanksgiving a bit from Christmas (which hasn't kept Santa from appearing at most local malls well before today).

Moving on to tomorrow, Black a drawing and informal survey on the Conejo Valley Guide Facebook page yesterday, the question was asked, "what are your plans for Black Friday?" 

Based on the responses, I might have to sell short consumer retail stocks, as only 13% of the 188 responding to the survey mentioned they plan to shop on Black Friday! (And that includes one response who said he was "Amazoning.")

In fact, 4% of folks responded with "Not Shopping" I suppose to make a point....although that does not really answer the question as to what they DO plan to do.

Overall, 43% of the responses indicated a plan to "hang out" with family and/or just relax, or just SLEEP (9% indicate that) tomorrow. These folks plan to eat leftovers, relax, watch movies at home, play games and basically enjoy a day with family. Not a bad way to enjoy Black Friday.

Nearly 20% of responses indicates plans to go out and about on Black Friday, not necessarily to shop, but to enjoy the outdoors, take a hike, go to the movies, visit an amusement park, watch Santa fly from the sky at Janss Marketplace, watch kids' sports, etc.

Only 7% of responses indicated they plan to work on Black Friday. Yes, some of us still do have to work. And 5% indicated plans to get moving on holiday decorating around the house.

Other responses included "not sure," chores, travel, packing for move, buying a car, job interview, studying, party, get a facial and so on.