The Libbey Community Playground at Libbey Park in Ojai

The Libbey Community Playground was built and completed by volunteers in October 2015. 

The community also provided input into the design of the playground, which is one of the coolest playgrounds for young kids in Ventura County now from my vantage point. Over 500 people volunteered for the project and numerous local organizations provided supplies. Amazingly, this beautiful playground was built in only six days!


The most prominent feature of the playgrounds is a large wooden fort-like structure with treehouse, rock wall, slides, climbing rock, monkey bards, maze, fire pole, swings and many other features. The park has sections geared towards ages 2 to 5 and 5 to 12.

 Quad Pod Spinner at Libbey Playground

Quad Pod Spinner at Libbey Playground

The park also has a unique looking "quad pod spinner," a newer, what looks to be safer, version of the traditional "spin around in circles" playground equipment many of us remember from our youth. 

And one other feature is the "Turf Hill," a small sliding hill, similar to the "Ant Hill" at Thousand Oaks Community Park.

If you are in Ojai with young kids, well this is an obvious "must do" attraction. Libbey Park is located in the heart of Ojai, the smallest city in Ventura County in terms of population.

Libbey Park is adjacent to Libbey Bowl, which hosts a number of concerts and events year-round.


 The Turf Hill at Libbey Community Playground

The Turf Hill at Libbey Community Playground