Stop Unwanted Catalogs and Junk Mail

Check out a relatively new service from Catalog Choice that helps you reduce the number of catalogs mailed to your home.  I dread visits to the mailbox this time of year as I know 80% of the materials will be catalogs that I neither want nor need.  This free service allows you to select catalogs from a list of 1,000 or so and ask that they not be mailed to you.  Can't beat this deal! is another website that helps you reduce unwanted mailbox clutter.  In fact, my wife signed up a few months ago.  It costs $15 (one time).  I've noticed a remarkable reduction in catalogs and junk mail over the past few weeks!  It takes 3-4 months to kick in. charges $41 for 5 years of ridding your mailbox of not only catalogs, but all sorts of junk mail, like coupon mailers, magazine offers, credit card offers, etc.  If you want a more complete approach to gaining control over your mailbox, this may be your best choice.  They say 80 to 95% of your bulk mail will be eliminated within 4 months.  That could make this service your #1 choice even though there is a cost to it.   41 is roughly the number of pounds each of us receives each year in bulk mail (I think this is more like 411 pounds in my family).