Power Napping Is In (Almost!)

Try taking a nap for a powerful antidote to feeling sluggish and tired.  I personally feel extremely invigorated with a solid 20 minute, uninterrupted nap in the middle of the day (right after lunch is usually a good time, following the lead of my 2 year-old).

You don't want to nap too long, just 20 to 30 minutes...sleep too long and you'll feel groggy instead of refreshed.  Or take a long nap of 90 to 120 minutes to get past the grogginess cycle.

Napping is still not widely accepted in our society but is gaining momentum.  One company, MetroNaps of New York, sells a napping device called an EnergyPod™ that provides a comfortable semi-enclosed space for napping in comfort in a work setting.  Companies like Proctor & Gamble, Cisco and PriceWaterhouseCoopers are experimenting with this device. 

Since most companies don't have this $12,000 contraption, what is the best strategy for napping during the workweek? Well, if you work close to home you could go home for a nap.  But this isn't feasible for most of us.  If you work in an office you could shut the office door at lunchtime and snooze on the floor of your office.  I have resorted to this but it certainly is not the most comfortable approach (remember to lock your door and silence the phone).

Or you could nap in your car, which also is not that comfortable unless you have a car large enough to lie down in.  I have resorted to catching a front seat powernap in a shady spot at the park.  Of course the other issue is noise.  This is where I've been lucky to find a really neat product called Pzizz.

Pzizz is a $50 software program that produces an unlimited number of timed sleep "soundtracks" - music, sounds and voices that make power napping a snap.  I've used Pzizz hundreds of times and swear by it.  Nap soundtracks can be exported into iTunes and loaded onto your iPod for easy portability.  I crave my 20 minute Pzizz "energizer" naps.  My wife makes fun of me but I'm telling you, after just 20 minutes of Pzizz I'm a new man.

Bottom line:  Most of us don't get enough sleep and our bodies and minds are paying the price for it.  If you can't sleep more at night, then consider taking regular naps to help bring energy to your life!