People Pictures From the Early 20th Century

Recently I came across these really interesting World War I era photos of thousand of soldiers in the formation of large patriotic symbols.  The sampling of photos below are courtesy of the Carl Hammer Gallery, Chicago (  Click here for a link to "The Art of the Conceptual Photograph 1915-1920" for other pictures and a more complete description.  The pictures below are the work of Arthur S. Mole and John D. Thomas.

The Living Uncle Sam: 19,000 Officers and Men, Camp Lee, VA 1919

The Human Liberty Bell: 25,000 Officers and Men, Camp Dix, NJ 1918



Woodrow Wilson: 21,000 Officers and Men, Camp Sherman, OH 1918

Human Statue of Liberty: 18,000 Officers and Men, Camp Dodge, IA 1918

Living Emblem of U.S. Marines: 9,100 Officers and Men, Paris Island, SC 1919