January 2013 Thousand Oaks Police Department City Watch Update

Here is the latest "City Watch" alert from Senior Deputy Tim Lohman of the Thousand Oaks Police Department. If you would like these updates directly from via email, click here for more information.

The month of January is rapidly coming to an end.  I am in hopes most of you have been able to maintain the New Year resolutions you set for yourself.  Although difficult, I am sure with a little push we can all accomplish what we set out to do.

In light of the recent shooting at the school in Connecticut and other schools throughout the country, the Thousand Oaks Police Department has been committed to working with the all of the schools in our community to prepare for any such incident.  Our priority has always been the safety of the community as we strive to develop a plan to ensure the residents are kept safe during a catastrophic event like a school shooting.

Community Event

Parents, do you want to know what goes on at underage parties? Straight Up Ventura County in collaboration with the Conejo Unified School District, Breakthrough, Engage Recovery and the Thousand Oaks Police Department is going to expose parents to underage binge drinking and the drug culture. 

Many adults feel drinking and partying is a rite of passage and think teen parties are the same as when they were young.  Parents need to face the current realities and learn why and how adults need to help change these dangerous norms. 

The participants will tour a local home set up to portray a teen party with youth actors. The event is open to the public (adults only) and it is FREE.  If you are interested you must register online at www.straightupvc.org/register or call 805 647-4622.

On the Crime Front:


A victim recently informed me someone claiming to be with the Social Security Office contacted her.  They had her name and address.  The caller told her they needed to send out a new Medicare card, but before they do they needed to verify the bank where her deposits go.  The victim questioned the reasons for inquiring about the banking information and the person hung up.

Do not provide any banking information to someone over the phone.  Most scammers try to make you feel comfortable by stating your name and address, which can be easily located on several websites on the Internet. The phone book is also a good resource for suspects to get information about you.  Never let your guard down and make sure you maintain privacy with your personal information.

If you feel the phone call is a scam obtain the information from the caller i.e. name and call back number.  Do not use the phone number the scammer gave you to call back.  I recommend you research the phone number of the company and call them direct to verify the authenticity of the call.

If you become the victim of a scam please contact the Thousand Oaks Police Department.


I would like to inform the residents that suspects are using a new technique to determine whether homes are occupied before they break in and steal your property or ransack your homes.

Burglars are targeting homes by tripping circuit breakers and then breaking in to steal jewelry or other property.  Typically the suspects will turn off the power to the residence, and they will stand outside waiting to see if there’s any response from inside.  If there is no response they will make their way into the house.

Fortunately, we have not had any such burglaries in our area, but this is a reminder to always be proactive to prevent yourself from becoming a victim. 

We can protect ourselves by doing the following:

  • Secure the door on your power box with a good quality lock. 
  • If you have an alarm system make sure you have a battery back up.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings.
  • Pay attention to what’s going on outside in front of your home.
  • If there is a power outage you can always call Southern California Edison to verify the outage.
  • Call the Thousand Oaks Police regarding suspicious persons.


You never know who lurks in the dark, but the following is a reminder that if the opportunity presents itself a thief will take your property.

Several young adults were drinking in a local park.  As they were walking home, they were commenting on the few garage doors that were left open.  One of the young adults entered an open garage and emerged with items in his hand.  The young adult was eventually arrested and the property was returned to the owner.

It is most important to do your part and secure your property.  Be vigilant in locking doors and closing garages to prevent thieves like these from profiting from your hard earned property.

Remember if it’s a crime in progress and requires an emergency response call 911, otherwise contact (805) 654-9511 for non-emergencies.

Ventura County Crime Stoppers will pay up to $1,000 reward for information, which leads to the arrest and criminal complaint against the person(s) responsible for these type of crimes.  The caller may remain anonymous.  The call is not recorded.  Call Crime Stoppers at 800-222-TIPS (8477).